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Letshopeitworks Wed 19-Jun-19 11:19:25

I don’t know much about dogs iam pretty clueless tbh so I don’t know how to deal with this.
Db has a 9 month old dog it’s massive he thought it was a staff but as she’s getting older it’s becoming clear that she’s not a full breed at least tbh he thinks the dogs got some pit bull in her he. Is awaiting a dna test to see. The dog still jumps up and when outside will jump up on other dogs/people And is known to bite dB outside but jumping up a grabbing his arm his house is ruined now sofa torn apart bits of wall eaten shoes chewed apart etc I have two young dc and have asked him not to bring his dog to our house as I don’t trust it and he seems to be in denial about his dog. He becomes very defensive by saying she would never hurt dc and how would I like it if she didn’t want dc in his house. Don’t really know what to dosad

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missbattenburg Wed 19-Jun-19 11:25:06

At 9 months old she is not yet done maturing and, untrained, her behaviour will only get worse.

Keep your dc away at all times. Do not let the dog in.

Be firm.

If you like, explain she is still a young dog and your DC are young so common sense is that they should be kept apart to protect each from each other until all are older (at least).

Nesssie Wed 19-Jun-19 11:32:43

Pitbull is not a breed in the UK, so a DNA test would not prove anything. Its like she is crossed with a mastiff or some other bull breed.

At 9 months old its likely to be puppy boisterousness rather than full on aggression but it does need addressing asap to stop it developing.
Shes chewing because shes bored and doesn't have anything else to do or she has separation anxiety- he needs to buy strong rope toys and big bones and direct her chewing to them.
Anything he doesn't want destroyed needs to be removed - shoes should not be left in reach, remove any cushion or throws for now.

She is going to need some regular exercise and routine. Frozen stuffed kongs (supervised).

The jumping up and biting on the arm needs to be redirected. He needs to carry a tug toy on him, and anytime she jumps up, he needs to direct her onto the toy.
She mustn't be allowed close enough to other people or dogs - a quick change or direction or cross the road, walk briskly away from them. She may need a halti or headcollar if she is strong.

9 months is a tricky age and ideally he needs to go to training classes or have a 1-on-1.

She shouldn't be allowed to interact with children at this stage. Even accidentally knocking into them can cause injury and until she has calmed down and learn manners I agree they should be kept separate.

Whitney168 Wed 19-Jun-19 11:35:11

I have two young dc and have asked him not to bring his dog to our house as I don’t trust it

I wouldn't be asking him, I would be telling him and sticking to it rigidly ...

Letshopeitworks Wed 19-Jun-19 13:49:15

Thanks he has put her on a waiting list for some classes that are good . I think the problem is he still has her off lead outside so she is still jumping up on others. I can how much she means to him which is why I want to understand but I can’t have her in the house just now as she does chew and jumps up

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Nesssie Wed 19-Jun-19 14:11:30

Great that he has looked into classes

Having her offlead is not a good idea, especially untrained and of that breed. Perhaps tell him that because of the breed and the jumping up, even if she doesn't bite anyone, she could be seized as a dangerous dog.
Perhaps he could get a long line/training line that he can use so she still has freedom to run about, but he also has a way of pulling her away before she reaches the other person/dog?

Unfortunately people (and i am also guilty of this) are blind when it comes to their dogs, he sees the cute, loving side, you see the out of control/ danger to children side.

Ultimately, they are your children and it is your house, but could you compromise and say dog is allowed if she has a harness/lead on even when in the house? Or buy a baby gate and put it across the door so the dog is on one side (with a chew/toy to keep occupied) and you and the children are on the other side?

Lovemusic33 Wed 19-Jun-19 14:25:19

People are right about pit bull not being a breed here, she’s likely a cross with a mastiff or something similar. Staffies can be a nightmare to train and they can be high energy, they love to play tug of war so will attempt to grab arms. Training at a early age is important or behaviour will just get worse and with a big dog that could be very dangerous. Staffies are one of my favourite breeds, they are loyal and gentle but do need experienced owners or someone that’s willing to get help/advice with training. The DNA test may help as different breeds need different training techniques.


Letshopeitworks Wed 19-Jun-19 20:24:18

I wonder what breed then. DNA test is back anytime now. I picked up a dog toy from Asda as a peace offering. This class that’s she’s down for is one of the best he says so hopefully it will help but great ideas that I will pass on. thanks!

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