Puppy will only eat if I feed her

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missbattenburg Wed 19-Jun-19 11:27:27

A friend of mine had the same thing with her bitches at about the same age. Battendog was similar around then too.

Get a vet check, just to be safe. If all clear then make sure it's a tasty, high quality food. Add some water or wet food if it's just kibble. Offer the food and leave her to it. Pick it up after 15 mins and try again a few hours later or at the next meal.

She will not starve herself.

NightOwl101 Tue 18-Jun-19 20:30:15

Hoping I can get some advice. I have a 9m puppy who is amazing! She loves her food but for some reason will only eat if it's me that's given it her. If DP puts her food down she outright won't eat. If DP gives her one of her favourite treats she spits it out investigates for a while then begrudgingly eat it. If I feed her fine, if I give her a treat she eats it without looking. We were just wondering if anyone had any ideas why, we have other DDogs and plenty of experience with dogs but never come across this before.

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