Dog mattress and cover - where from?

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Cobblersandhogwash Tue 18-Jun-19 13:45:09

I've got a carpenter friend and he has very kindly made me two dog beds like these.

I see that the mattress to fit these beds is £160!

Is there anywhere I can get comfy dog mattress and covers custom made for less than £160?

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Breathlessness Tue 18-Jun-19 13:48:57

What measurements?

ErrolTheDragon Tue 18-Jun-19 13:53:43

Somewhere that makes curtains would probably be able to do you what is in effect a large cushion cover.

Not sure about the filling - we had a chair feather cushion filling replaced by foam... maybe you could make your own?

ErrolTheDragon Tue 18-Jun-19 13:55:06

Or maybe cut down a cot mattress?

Bamaluz Tue 18-Jun-19 17:51:08

You can buy foam cut to size, but would an ordinary dog cushion fit?

ThatsUnusual Tue 18-Jun-19 18:15:11

What size do you need? My mum makes custom made memory foam dog bed mattresses with washable covers.

yetwig Tue 18-Jun-19 18:53:22

Look on eBay memory foam off cuts are around £20 and then just buy single duvets to cover them.


Cobblersandhogwash Wed 19-Jun-19 20:30:12

@ThatsUnusual does your mum have a website or something that I could have a look at? Or could I contact her?

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BiscuitDrama Wed 19-Jun-19 20:32:20

Or two duvets folded over?

ThatsUnusual Wed 19-Jun-19 20:37:13

@Cobblersandhogwash she just makes dog bed mattresses for friends and family (but has an Etsy page for selling her normal sofa cushions) I'll PM you her Etsy page if you like?

Fucksandflowers Wed 19-Jun-19 20:48:03

If it was me I would just pile a load of cheap comfy cushions on it and put a furry throw over the top. Or maybe a folded over duvet or two as a pp suggested with a nice throw over the top

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