Apoquel no longer working?!

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Samcj02 Mon 17-Jun-19 10:14:25

My dog is 7 and developed allergies a year ago. 😔. He was on steroids for a short while before starting apoquel, he’s been on apoquel for 4 months, it was great his fur started to grow back and his skin looked so much healthier, he also want “flaking” as much..now for the last week he’s been pulling his fur and scratching again! I’m waiting for my car to be returned so I can take him to the vets, it’s too far to walk as I’m in a village. What’s caused this to
Stop working? Any ideas? Thanks!

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Samcj02 Fri 21-Jun-19 20:25:00


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Wolfiefan Fri 21-Jun-19 20:27:33

Do you know what the allergies were too? I’ve been advised against apoquel long term.
Have you tried changing anything like diet?
Recent flea treatment?

Samcj02 Fri 21-Jun-19 20:38:38

I’ll be honest the vet hasn’t mentioned any of the above to me, just gave me the medication really...the only thing I can pinpoint is the itchiness started at the week after we moved house and he was castrated x

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Samcj02 Fri 21-Jun-19 20:39:21

The flea treatment is an edible one he has at the vets, forgot the name of it!

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Veronicat Fri 21-Jun-19 20:44:39

Ask about the cytopoint injection . We get great results with it at our vets.
If its simparica tablets it's a great all rounder for flea, ticks and mites.

Veronicat Fri 21-Jun-19 20:45:33

Also ask about Yumega itchy dog supplements


Wolfiefan Fri 21-Jun-19 20:48:10

The thing is that if you don’t know what the problem is then you can’t avoid it recurring. My girl has issues. Sore feet and ears. Seems to be yeast related. Having blood tests done and making dietary changes.
Chicken is a very common allergen for example.

Samcj02 Fri 21-Jun-19 20:54:53

Okay how much roughly are blood tests? And did you get clear results?

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Samcj02 Fri 21-Jun-19 20:56:32

Does anybody else’s bombers ha r to order cytopoint in? How long do the results last? Seriously considering requesting blood tests as I can’t eradicate any problems without knowing the cause x

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Samcj02 Fri 21-Jun-19 20:56:55

Sorry vets not bombers!! Auto correct

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Veronicat Sat 22-Jun-19 07:57:43

Avecta are currently doing an offer on allergy testing. The results come in within a week and are very detailed. Ask your vet about this. If you are insured they should pay for this and any immunotherapy injections needed. Check your policy and see if you are covered for life as it can get expensive.
Your vet should be able to order cyyopoint from the rep or their medical supplier .

Veronicat Sat 22-Jun-19 08:00:15

Some insurance companies will pay for certain foods for allergies such as Z-d.
Theres lots of good foods out there such as Harrington's and Burns but you need to find out what the allergies are.

FrenchyQ Sat 22-Jun-19 08:03:34

We had our Jack Russell blood tested for allergies.,turned out he's allergic to parrot feathers, and dust mites. He had a course of immunotherapy which has really helped. Thankfully all covered on our pet insurance as it wasnt cheap

MabelBee Sat 22-Jun-19 08:06:24

We started Apoquel yesterday, but with instructions to start tailing it off as it becomes effective. Initially twice a day, then once a day, then every second day. Is that what you've been doing? The next step, should this not work over the next three weeks, would be Cytopoint.

Wolfiefan Sat 22-Jun-19 08:57:41

Still waiting on results. So sorry can’t give details.

ColinKnocksTwoPence Sat 22-Jun-19 09:12:05

What do you feed?
Kibble can be very high in carbohydrates and cause itching. Chicken and beef are often a cause as well.
There are good makes that are chicken and egg free like Millie's Wolfheart.
Personally I wouldn't use an oral flea treatment either as they can have nasty side effects.
My preference is to feed RAW as it has completely transformed my dog's health but I do understand that not everyone is willing or able to go down that route.

Samcj02 Sat 22-Jun-19 13:50:38

@MabelBee that’s interesting as my dog was on two twice a day for two weeks then two once a day..she said it would be a long term treatment. That’s all she’s really said tbh.

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Samcj02 Sat 22-Jun-19 13:52:40

@ColinKnocksTwoPence we feed a hypo allergenic dog food from tails...hasn’t helped in the slightest if I’m being honest.may look in to raw diet. And have. Chat with the vet he’s booked in on Tuesday x

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Samcj02 Sat 22-Jun-19 13:53:54

@FrenchyQ I definitely think my dogs is an environmental allergy also, my vet hadn’t mentioned anything about immunotherapy x

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Samcj02 Sat 22-Jun-19 13:55:07

@Veronicat thanks I’ll have a chat with the vet about testing on Tuesday x

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ColinKnocksTwoPence Sat 22-Jun-19 20:10:25

And have. Chat with the vet he’s booked in on Tuesday x
Bear in mind that RAW is the Marmite of dog food and if your Vet isn't proRaw they will probably be vehemently anti.
Not sure why this is but it may be that they see the results of bad feeding when people just plonk down a bit of raw chicken breast and think that's it.
They also panic about food poisoning and think that you, your dog, your Aunty Gladys and everyone in the street will come down with Campylobacter or ecoli.
In reality none of that is likely. To feed raw properly it is best to feed a mixture of 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other offal. Some people also add steamed veg but root veg can add to itchyness.
As a newbie it is best to buy a "complete" ready mix from a proper supplier like The Dogs Butcher, Paleo Ridge, Honeys or Bella and Duke. They have worked out the percentages plus have to have all their meat routinely tested for bacteria before sale.
I've been feeding Raw now for over 2 years and the change in my dog was amazing.
His coat is soft and glossy, no more scratching, no more yeasty ears, no more diarrhoea and good firm poos.
My Vet didn't approve so we just changed to another one down the road that did!
Good luck with your dog and I really hope you find something that works for you and him.

aweedropofsancerre Sat 22-Jun-19 20:23:30

My dog had really bad allergies from as a pup and had various tests. They are not really clear but he is allergic to fleas. He was on steroids for years which made him fat and depressed. Nothing else worked, we even tried the various shampoos, tea tree, turmeric paste. Apoquel was a life saver for him. He is on a higher maintenance dose than normal as if he does lower his itching returns. He is on 8mg a day instead of the normal 5.4. I have heard good things about the injection too but we are happy with apoquel. He is checked regularly and has blood tests too. It’s worth understanding the allergies as it’s unusual to suddenly develop an allergy at 7 so it may be something environmental . Good luck, it’s tough seeing our pups distressed with red raw skin and itching

Samcj02 Tue 25-Jun-19 09:09:21

Thanks everyone for your advice. He’s got a lot worse, skin looks really sore! I’ll see what the vets have to say!

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Wolfiefan Tue 25-Jun-19 09:14:23

Good luck.

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