Puppy chews.

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MissShapesMissStakes Sun 16-Jun-19 12:54:48

My pup likes split antlers, yaks milk chews and loves frozen yogurt mixed with banana or peanut butter in his kong.
I also do him very slow cooked strips of sweet potato. Make as crispy as possible. Though they don’t last that long to be honest. More a treat than a chew in this house

Puddingmama2017 Sun 16-Jun-19 09:07:19

Thank you both!

I didn’t know antlers were a thing!!

And Sam will definitely look at adding to the kong collection!

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Girlintheframe Sun 16-Jun-19 04:26:36

Our pup loves antlers. They last forever.
He also liked yak chews too. You can get both from pets at home or on line

SamBeckett Sun 16-Jun-19 00:33:41

I am mot sure what puppy chews are out there nowadays its a long while since iv had a pup . But beware of the hide ones that look like shoes , my dog managed to unravel the lace and eat it whole when he went to do a poo a day or so later he ended up with it hanging out of his bum and I had to pull it out envy<< not .

In kongs , peanut butter , marmite , bovril , meat paste , mash spud , your leftovers , to be honest pretty much anything they like and you can get in ! I would not pay for or go to the hassle of making special recipes for them , its not worth it .
go careful on the salt levels if you give him marmite or PB ;

I always had three kongs on the go at once , one been washed ( buy a small bottle brush) one filled and in the fridge or freezer and one in his mouth

Puddingmama2017 Sat 15-Jun-19 19:31:50

Just wondering which ones people use and where they get them from?

I’ve got a kong for him so any recipes to pop inside also well recieved!

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