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Dog Chews

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IHeartArya Thu 13-Jun-19 06:37:36

Hi I’ve recently adopted a 6/7 year old Lhasa. Her teeth were in very poor shape & she had to have about 7 removed.

I’m looking for long lasting dog chews which will keep her occupied & help her teeth for when I’m out & dh WFH. Obviously she won’t be having chew unsupervised.

So she’s not keen on antlers. Wasn’t fussed at all.

She loves her pizzle but I can’t stand the smell. She chews on this for around 4 hours. It’s perfect apart from the smell & what it is.

Whimzees toothbrushes she’s ok with but I have to break it in 2 for her. She can take or leave them. She finishes them very quickly as well.

I’ve been told rawhide is not a good idea.


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