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New puppy and resident dog and cat

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Morton30 Wed 12-Jun-19 07:53:47

Hi, long time lurker and first time poster. I'm desperate for some advice on my new puppy and my 2 year old staff cross girl and cat. Picked up our new pup on Sunday, allowed him to meet my girl in a friends garden so no terriotial aggression. My girl hated him from the get go. Snarling, drooling and generally not happy. Waited maybe 2 hours for calm and took them home, they even played a little in the evening. Fast forward to today and my girl won't go near him, she's avoiding and ignoring him. Not many growls or signs of aggression but it's like she's blanked the little guy out completely. I'm making sure she gets extra love and praise and as hard as it is ignoring the pup when she's around (he is adorable!) But when will it be okay?? Will they ever play again?
My girl and my cat are best of friends, usually sleep together on the sofa and since Sunday my cat has refused to come downstairs and I'm just heartbroken and feel like such a failure.
Pup is being a typical pup and wanting desperately for her to accept him and keeps trying with her although unfortunatlely as pups do he keeps trying to mouth her which I'm correcting him for as she isn't. Any advice would be massively appreciated

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OverFedStanley Wed 12-Jun-19 08:29:00

Quite common for the resident dog to ignore the puppy. I would give treats to the resident dog when puppy is around so puppy = nice things.

Do not let the puppy play with the other dog unless the other dog initiates it.

Morton30 Wed 12-Jun-19 08:37:11

Thanks so much for your reply. I'm treating resident girl like there is no tomorrow whenever pup is close. I was encouraging him to play so will stop that and distract him when he tries.

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