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My dog seems to have removed one of his dew claws (slightly yuck info in post)

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OrchidInTheSun Mon 10-Jun-19 18:17:23

My dog tore one of his dew claws last week (not for the first time). It was bleeding and at a weird angle so I took him to the vet, she trimmed it and bandaged it up. It didn't bleed when she cut it but had into the bandage. It all looked fine after I took the bandage off after 48 hours as recommended.

Anyway, long story short, he seems to have bitten it off entirely! shock the wound is clean and not swollen and he seems perfectly happy and on tip top form.

Will it grow back? And if not, does it really matter?

I'm wondering if I should take him to the vet but he absolutely hates going (the vet had to clip his claw kneeling on the floor with him wedged between my legs because he backs off the table!) so I'm loathe to take him just for them to say it's fine.

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MissRainbowBrite Mon 10-Jun-19 21:21:58

I wouldn't, our Springer did similar to hers a couple of years ago. She ripped it and it was hanging loose, wouldn't let anyone near it, I just kept giving it daily baths in salt water to keep it clean and it fell off after a few days. A new one has grown now, she was far happier once the dangly one had fallen off.

OrchidInTheSun Mon 10-Jun-19 21:26:14

Thank you. Maybe it will grow back then! He is much happier without it half hanging off for sure.

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