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Raw feeding?

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arisfurwi Sat 08-Jun-19 12:57:19

Hi all just adopted a rescue pup and wondered about raw feeding? Wouldn't even know where to start or what it is or where to shop. Thanks in advance xx

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Puddingmama2017 Sat 08-Jun-19 13:03:58

I’m planning on raw feeding my puppy when he comes home and have looked at Jack wolf, Akela and Cotswold raw after I posted on here. Jack wolf has a handy guide to work out how much to feed a dog based on weight. Might be worth looking at until someone more knowledgeable than myself comes along!

arisfurwi Sat 08-Jun-19 14:13:39

Oh that's fab I'll have a look through jack wolf. Thank you!!

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TanyaChix Sun 09-Jun-19 12:26:49

This is a good place to start

It breaks down the nutrition for every dog food and ranks them and you can filter by ‘raw’.

I started mine on Natural Instinct but the hygiene of the raw food started to really bother me. Even my vet mentioned the need for obsessive hygiene or there’s a real risk of contamination / food poisoning etc. The mat the bowl is on gets raw food on it and then the dog licks the floor and the packaging is full of blood etc etc etc. If there’s any meat juice on the box or lid it comes it that then goes in the fridge - I constantly use anti bac wipes. I am just about to move to Butternut box which is similar makeup but it’s cooked. I used the website I linked to to work out what to switch to. I’m just using up the existing packs of raw first.

TanyaChix Sun 09-Jun-19 12:27:41

*it comes in

Twooter Sun 09-Jun-19 12:31:29

Google cat TB and natural Instinct. The risks of raw feeding are real.

iloveeverykindofcat1 Sun 09-Jun-19 12:42:17

I used to feed my cats on Nature's Menu, a pre-made raw complete food for cats and dogs. You need a lot of freezer space. They used to do very well on it and enjoyed it but then the recipe changed and they don't seem to like it anymore. It went a long way to healing gut problems in one of cats though - now she's less sensitive she does fine on any grain free high quality food.

arisfurwi Sun 09-Jun-19 16:19:08

Ahh ok that's interesting didn't realise the risks. Currently on grain free!

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Twooter Sun 09-Jun-19 16:53:09

I would go low grain rather than grain free.

OverFedStanley Sun 09-Jun-19 19:56:47

Natural Instinct and Nutriment are reasonably priced complete raw food.

There are a lot of raw feed healthy dogs who have no issues only benefits from being raw feed.

Kibble food has frequent recalls for salmonella and ecoli risks. All feeding should follow sensible simple hygiene rules.

Interestingly allaboutdog food states that the only 100% rated food is Nutriment - no kibble or pre cooked food or wet food rate at 100%

MrsMozartMkII Mon 10-Jun-19 08:31:32

We feed our two Rotties and a GSD in Nature's Menu. They thrive on it and the vets have always been complimentary about their condition including teeth. We use a combination of the free-flow packs and additional organs packs. I drew up a plan yonks ago and we roughly stick to it though I can't now remember the original detail.

One vet said add raw veggies (I have a list somewhere - the dogs like big chunky carrots!), one was horrified at raw feeding.

The food is frozen and fed straight from the freezer (well, put in bowls), and everything is mopped and wiped down. We don't use wipes, just a dishcloth that's changed after each use. The dogs aren't allowed to come and lick us after they've eaten.

It's the only food the Rotties' stomachs can cope with. We tried many others without success, just them with dull coats, upset tummies and unpleasant rear ends.

BeerandBiscuits Mon 10-Jun-19 09:07:35

My GSD and lab are fed on Natures Menu. We've tried most of the raw food companies over the past 9 years, Nutriment for quite a long time but I got fed up with with all the packaging.
Natures Menu is really convenient with the nuggets, bags of duck wings and other stuff for chewing. Minimal packaging.
Dogs love it, poo like clockwork once a day and they never get ill.

yetwig Mon 10-Jun-19 14:18:57

Dog get more problems eating kibble than raw 🙂 my dogs raw fed and once back from holiday my 10 week old pup will be switched over as well. Over the years I've never been ill for feeding my dogs raw.

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