Decent Boots for Dog Walking.

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Knowivedonewrong Sat 08-Jun-19 12:04:02

Looking for recommendations for some decent knee length boots to walk the dogs in. Wide calf and have a good sole on the bottom, not too thin, as we walk some quite stoney paths.

I've got a pair of Shires Country Boots, which I love, but now they let the water in and one has a hole in it. I live in these boots to walk the dogs.

Up to £100 or less to spend on something that hopefully can last longer than a couple of years.
TIA. 😉

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florentina1 Sat 08-Jun-19 21:30:27

Aigile were recommended to me by MN. They are brilliant. I waited a bit because I was not sure I could justify the price. Now Amazon have the ones I wanted with £30 off some I am doubly happy,

CompletelyUnknown Sat 08-Jun-19 21:37:19

Muckboots are brilliant although a little pricy. Amazon does offers every so often

florentina1 Sun 09-Jun-19 08:43:23

I had to send my muck boots back. I have thin feet and thin legs, but I could not get them on. They were so peculiarly shaped at the ankle. When I read the reviews a few other people said that, ‘in some styles, the sizing is off’.

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