When your dog dislikes the neighbourhood cat

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Slicedpineapple Fri 07-Jun-19 09:18:03

There is a cat that lives by us that likes to hang out in my front garden, or in the boundary.

My dog used to love cats as a puppy until this one started sitting just out of his reach in the back garden, hissing at him. He became frightful of it. Now he doesn't like dark coloured cats.

Generally not an issue as most cats avoid dogs (at least the ones near us do), except this one. It won't come in the back garden anymore because ddog will bark at it. But it sits just out of way on the boundary of our front garden, instead.

It's a bit of a pain as it tends to sit out at the time of day when we go in and out the house with ddog, so he instantly looks for it. I am planting things so that he can't see it anymore, although no doubt it will find another place to sit.

High value treats and a 'watch me' cue works well but I can't always do this if I'm going out with a pram.

Any other tips? I don't want to try one of the sonic noise things as I am fairly sure that will also hurt ddog's ears.

FWIW, he will never actually do anything. Whenever he has got close to a cat or any small animal he stops and wags his tail then goes off. But with this specific one he will pull a bit and make a daft noise, so I'm trying to break the cycle.

In fairness to the cat, it is probably just waiting for it's owners to get home.

Our dog never goes out the front other than when going for walks or to the car.

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OverFedStanley Fri 07-Jun-19 10:30:25

I would go out first and shoo away the cat then go and get the dog to start the walk

Slicedpineapple Fri 07-Jun-19 12:05:38

That's not actually a bad idea. I'm. Not sure it will stay shooed away though in the time it can take to get the pram in the car, the dog in the back, baby etc. It comes back pretty quickly. I wonder if it thinks we will let it in?

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