Older dog with cancer

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Doggymummy86 Wed 05-Jun-19 15:00:28

I’m writing this with tears in my eyes, my little boy has been diagnosed with secondary cancer this time last week, the vet has told us to keep an eye on him and he’s on strong medication. The last couple of days he’s been really restless, reluctant to go out and whiny although he’s still eating and drinking.
Is it time to put him out of his misery & put him too sleep ? When is the right time to do it ? I feel useless that i cant do anything for him

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ChardonnaysPrettySister Wed 05-Jun-19 15:02:18

Sorry, I think he’s showing you that it’s time.

Restlessness and whining probably mean he’s in pain .

ChardonnaysPrettySister Wed 05-Jun-19 15:02:59

And you can do something for him, you can let him go.

Greyhound22 Wed 05-Jun-19 15:03:11

No one can make that decision for you but from what you are describing I think it might be time. Better to be a bit early than too late.

I'm so sorry I have an old boy myself so know it's coming - it's the last act of love you do for them thanks

TixieLix Wed 05-Jun-19 15:09:35

I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing this. We grow so attached to our pets it is devastating when it's time to say goodbye. The biggest thing you can do for your boy now is to let him go as he's telling you it's time. You sound like a very caring owner, so your boy is truly lucky to have had a long life and to be loved. Hand hold for what you're about to go through flowers.

Doggymummy86 Wed 05-Jun-19 15:14:45

It’s heartbreaking - I was putting it down to a grumpy couple of days but I think deep down I know it’s time, it’s just when I make that appointment I know it’s officially going to sink in 😢

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