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Lump on Puppies Face

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MyGuideJools Wed 05-Jun-19 05:32:31

I'm going to ring the vet later but just wondering what it could be.
There's a lump a about the size of a small grape on labrador puppies top jaw looks like where his teeth are.
He's 18 weeks and seems fine, still eating playing and biting.
Could it be something to do with teething?

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MyGuideJools Wed 05-Jun-19 11:47:50


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Girlintheframe Thu 06-Jun-19 04:44:02

Could it be a dental abscess? Ours had one which the vet thought was caused by a bone/stick. Pup got antibiotics and it's never been an issue since

MyGuideJools Thu 06-Jun-19 05:13:41

Thanks, the vet couldn't see anything in the mouth, thought it may be a nettle sting. Need to go back if it doesn't go down in a fee days

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msmith501 Thu 06-Jun-19 05:35:05

Same on my dog but it was a bee sting which I actually saw happen. Went down in about a week.

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