My dog was attacked again

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Nobhobs Mon 03-Jun-19 19:23:36

Last year on one of his first ever walks my ddog was attacked by a bulldog, he was on a lead so managed to get him free quite quickly but he came away quite badly, 2 bite punctures on his back leg.

It's happened again, an Alsatian this time. Took me a few minutes to get ddog away from him he was just running away yelping and weeing out of fear. I'm taking him to the vet now but I'm so sad it's happened again. The owner got so aggressive and when I told him to stop swearing because it was his dog that attacked ours, he turned to me and said "I'll show you what an attack is" which is a disgusting thing to say to anybody especially a woman who's very clearly heavily pregnant (8 months!!)

It took him months to be confident around other dogs again last time, and he saw a little dog after the attack just from a distance and started crying and weeing and hiding behind us again. Now not only do we have to resocialise him again, but I also need to become confident walking him again especially when I'll be out walking just me, him and baby. I could cry I'm so devastated.

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MrsBobDylan Mon 03-Jun-19 19:29:04

That is awful, I'm so sorry for both of you. In regards to the aggressive owner, you should ring 111 and report him for threatening to attack you. You must have been terrified.

I hope your dog gets over his attack. I just cannot believe that some owners have dogs which show high levels of aggression and do nothing about it. They should be prosecuted.

Whisky2014 Mon 03-Jun-19 19:36:28

That's horrible, poor pup. Can you report the alsation owner for the threat?

My dog seems to be a target too. Dogs always go for her ears (cocker spaniel) and once they get a hold of them there's not much hope. I intervened once and got a bit on my hand from the other dog. I was so angry. I called dog warden and reported it. The woman lives in my village and I found out she had rescued this dog from Transylvania! I found her fb page where she posted about how the dog won't be living in a dark place any more. Yeh fine, except it's used to fending for itself and being aggressive. It's not socialised properly

Feel for you and your dog, op. What a shame.

Dora26 Mon 03-Jun-19 19:37:18

I would carry a stout stick with me and did so with my last dog who was a rescue and blindly TERRIFIED of big dogs allowed to gallop up to her regardless of intention. The stick helped a lot - only actually used it once - as did stout walking boots, which I used to fabulously great effect one day. Shouldn’t have to do it but be prepared

Nobhobs Mon 03-Jun-19 19:46:55

Thanks all. Have reported to police. The owner walked off after threatening to attack me and I was checking my dog over for a few minutes, I looked back over my shoulder and he was taking pictures of my car and of me and my dog. Not entirely sure why as we did absolutely nothing wrong. Tried to take a photo back of his car but was too far away to see his plates. Got back in the car and cried for half an hour. Ddog is only a little 1 year old cavalier KC pup, he's gotten home and gone straight into his crate which is so unlike him again. Sat on the floor opposite him trying not to cry again. Just remember this Alsatian lunging for his throat time and time again, honestly thought he was a goner sad

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Whisky2014 Mon 03-Jun-19 20:29:04

Bloody hell thata horrific.
Sounds like a thug owner. Hope you're ok and your little dog is ok too. Just have to give him loads of cuddles.

spiderlight Tue 04-Jun-19 10:29:39

Oh God, you poor things - that's awful, and what an absolutely vile owner. I'm glad you've reported him. So sorry your poor little dog has had to go through that not once but twice. It's terrifying - my little old lurcher was attacked by a huge staffie and I genuinely thought it was going to kill him, although thankfully the owner (who was miles away) couldn't have been more apologetic when he finally got to us.

Hope you managed to get some sleep last night and that your dog's OK flowers


curiositycreature Tue 04-Jun-19 10:39:53

Hope you’re OK flowers That’s bloody horrific!!

I can’t think of any particular reason why a cav would end up being attacked twice except for bad luck. (As in, there is nothing in the breed that particularly warrants it.) I really hope it doesn’t happen again, your poor pup.

My advice would be to find a local doggy daycare or dog walker for some nice, safe socialising. Not because he needs it, but if you can find a safe space where he can be around other dogs then he might get some confidence back. He’ll learn to be around friendly dogs and hopefully won’t develop a fear of them (who could blame him if he did after this!!)

My cav goes to daycare regularly and he’s great around other dogs. He waits until he’s approached, sits down when he’s getting too much of a butt sniff, seems to just know how to cope with lots of different scenarios. It won’t stop him getting attacked of course, but I’m just so grateful for daycare for giving him these skills. It just might be what your dog needs after this.

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