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Tartyflette Mon 03-Jun-19 16:37:21

Hello all, I wonder if any knowledgeable person could tell me whether boarding kennels of any size have to be licensed and if so whose remit does this fall under?
Some near neighbours of ours seem to be operating kennels , small scale I think, but I am concerned as twice this week two Cavalier King Charles spaniels who we haven't seen previously (definitely not owned by these neighbours, they have horses, cats and a GSD) seem to have escaped and been seen wandering near, and actually in, the road. Drivers have stopped so far....
These are expensive dogs, as well as much loved family pets, I'm sure.
Any advice as to what to do? We don't know these people but they have form for this, in the past their horses have escaped into the road!
At the moment I am considering buttonholing the owners when they come to collect the dogs and telling them what has happened.
They do livery as well....

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PottyPotterer Mon 03-Jun-19 16:43:30

Yes you do need a license, usually comes under the remit of the local council. There's also strict regulations with regard to the kennels, sizes, distance between them and boundary fencing etc. Do you have the dogs? I'd be tempted to put a found post up on your local FB page, if they were mine I'd want to know.

Runkle Mon 03-Jun-19 16:44:54

My understanding is that it's the local council that you have to apply for a license to and you can check on your local council website/make an enquiry as to whether it is licensed. More information here -
Many unlicensed businesses are in operation.

DogInATent Mon 03-Jun-19 16:48:31

"To run a boarding kennel, cattery, dog creche, day care centre or to look after other people's dogs in your own home you need a licence from the local authority."

Tartyflette Mon 03-Jun-19 17:10:46

The dogs ran back up the drive both times, so we don't have them. I hope they're safe now.
Thank you all for the replies and links, I will investigate further and contact the council if need be.

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