Jack Russell went for my GSD - sick of this

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Saavhi Mon 03-Jun-19 08:32:24

Was walking my dog by the river just now he was on lead (due to leg injury) when this Jack Russell charged towards us and watched us very intensely. Could see the owners running to us looking a bit panicked. I didn't feel good about this so walked away but as we got 2/3 feet away the Jack Russel went for my dog's neck. Lasted for about 20 seconds. My dog is not a fighter so just whined and was turning around on the spot. I know it's a small dog but it was highly aggressive. The owner did find us later to apologise but I said it wasn't good enough.

This is the second time my lovely dog has been attacked by an aggressive dog that was not on lead - first dog was a Weimaraner and I posted about it on here. I am sick to death of this, I feel bloody awful. My boy has a beautiful disposition (vet called him the loveliest GSD she sees) and he is always complimented on his manners by strangers.

Also, behaviourist (we called in for barking in the house) told us he is perfect when on walks as he is very much a mirror and listens to instructions well. I would say my dog is 90% back to normal after the first attack in September but I'm sick of irresponsible owners causing harm to my dog - I have put my absolute heart and soul into him (training, classes, behaviourist etc).

If people's dogs "hate GSDs" why don't they just give us a wide berth? Can't tell you how often small dogs lunge and snarl at my boy and he just doesn't respond. Hope that continues

Rant over.

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StephenQueenBooks Mon 03-Jun-19 08:42:43

Not going to lie, and I may get blasted but after having 4 different dogs go for my (on lead) chihuahua over the past few years. The last one I kicked the thing just as it got to us, I just sort of but my foot out to block it after that.

The owner was running up to us, yelling at me about her poor dog! I told her I did what I had to do to protect mine. I felt awful because I love dogs but didn't know what else to do. Her dog was fine, mine had to go for a vet visit for a few stitches (the dog has managed to get past my foot a couple of times).

I feel terrible for you, it really is frightening.

Knowivedonewrong Mon 03-Jun-19 10:41:02

It's certainly not on at all OP.
My Golden Retriever unfortunately hates GSD'S and I've no idea why, never had a bad encounter with one.
However I will always put him on a lead and divert if we see one.
I think you may have to start getting vocal with dog owners that are allowing their dogs to be aggressive with yours.

Saucery Mon 03-Jun-19 10:46:53

I’m the owner who turns on their heel and walks in the opposite direction when I see a GSD as my dog loathes them and just will not give them a chance (except the ones at doggy daycare, which are a bizarre exception).
It’s totally not on to allow a dog to run up to a breed they hate and many small dog owners have a blind spot about this, as if their dog won’t do any damage. As I grew up with an absolute terror of a JRT who would go for any size or breed of dog and was therefore always on her lead in public spaces I have no tolerance for their attitude. I have shoved them out of the way with my foot before now and certainly give the owners a piece of my mind. If you know your dog behaves like that why on earth have it off its lead!

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Mon 03-Jun-19 10:59:50

As the owner of a JRT x who dislikes GSDs I have to say it's unacceptable (he runs up at them barking, all mouth no action, not that that's acceptable either).

We give GSDs a wide berth as much as possible - and if we're a bit trapped I'll stick him on a lead and tell the GSD owner why so they keep their dog away too.

Jencottage Mon 03-Jun-19 11:03:49

Sorry - what breed is a "GSD" ?

StealingYourWiFi Mon 03-Jun-19 11:06:44

My dog (and myself) love GSDs! In fact my dog strangely only likes black/dark dogs. She avoids Jack Russells, we’ve had many bad experiences with them.


Slicedpineapple Mon 03-Jun-19 11:07:18

I feel your pain. I have a staffy who has been attacked twice in the last year. One was an unprovoked bite and run from a French bull dog, who was on a lead but the lead was being held by a child (I have such a gripe with this) so they let go of the lead. The second was very full on by a young husky who was off lead, owner (teenager) was quite a way away, couldn't see her dog and wasn't trying to call it back. Totally unprovoked, we weren't even near it. It ran up out of nowhere. The husky got in a few bites and did draw blood. My boy didn't fight back but did growl to say he didn't like it, although it wasn't his 'angry' growl (which is reserved for the neighbouring cats apparently).

I was contemplating reporting the husky incident to the council as I am heavily pregnant so if DH wasn't there then I don't know what would have happened. Unfortunately because I have the dog that everyone stereotypes, I don't think I'd be listened to and they'd assume he had provoked it. Thankfully he is a big softy with a larger than life personality, so has not been effected.

It irritates me because we have the dog that people give a wide berth. Don't get me wrong, not everyone does it, but why the hell do people let dogs off a lead if they are reactive?

To be honest if I see certain small breeds coming now I pop him on a lead, because I have been bitten by them several times myself when walking past. Most times the owners laugh when they run up to him barking and snarling.

Slicedpineapple Mon 03-Jun-19 11:09:12

Jen a German Shepherd

YouJustDoYou Mon 03-Jun-19 11:16:46

Totally sympathise. My jr had to always be on a lead and the amount of times other fucking dogs would come over with the idiot owners bleating the same old lines at me "oh he's trying to be friendly!", "oh he's harmless!" Even as they had no recall control of their animals. I get it now with my kids - one stupid woman shouting "DON'T RUN" at my dd who to her credit managed to freeze whilst the bloody dog jumped up at her. I got there just as the womn pulled the dog away otherwise I would've kicked it away - no qualms doing that now.

SlothMama Mon 03-Jun-19 11:21:04

I had this issue with my golden retriever he was reactive which made dogs have a go at him. I bought pet correct in the end and if I saw a dog charging at us I would get in front of him then spray it in front of us both and most times it would deter a dog and they'd run away. It doesn't hurt the dog and if owners got arsey with me I'd point out that mine was on his lead and they didn't have theirs under control.

Stuckforthefourthtime Mon 03-Jun-19 11:21:08

Jrt's can be the worst. My DH got bitten by one when he was jogging in the park, the owner came over to say it was because he 'got excited by the running' and because her young daughter had been in charge. hmm

Because he's a lot nicer than I am he didn't stay take pictures or make a fuss, but I think there need to be strong clear consequences for owners of aggressive dogs.

EleanorReally Mon 03-Jun-19 11:36:50

its the fear, my jrt would be very fearful of a german shepherd, i hope there was no blood shed.
i assume it was all noise and no harm done
the owner did apologise

what more do you want? they werent happy about it either no doubt

Gingerkittykat Mon 03-Jun-19 11:39:24


I have a friend who is a vet nurse who carries pepper spray for dogs, not nice but better than your dog being attacked.

Slicedpineapple Mon 03-Jun-19 11:42:40

eleanor if your dog is scared of certain breeds to the point it will run over to that dog, when it is under control, and try to bite....then your dog should not be off lead. Sorry. But why should other owners and their dogs have to suffer?
And how can you say what more did the OP want? For other dogs not to try and attack hers I assume, which is pretty reasonable

Saucery Mon 03-Jun-19 11:42:49

EleanorReally a dog who is scared and confrontational to other dogs needs to be on a lead by the owner’s side.
Would you want your dog seriously injured or killed by a larger dog it had a go at? Because that might happen. Whether or not you care about stress or injury to another dog is up to you, but surely you care about your own dog?

Bellatrix14 Mon 03-Jun-19 11:44:55

I think part of the problem is that some dog owners are very trivial of small breeds of dog biting/showing aggression. Especially if they are carrying them around all the time and not actually treating them like a dog hmm
Someone I know had a JR x that used to nip and had major attitude problems and they found it hilarious because he was so small. It’s very frustrating as we have German Shepherds (who all have lovely natures) but if one of them acted in the way that I see lots of little dogs acting and then ended up biting someone they would probably be put to sleep. I’m also not convinced that little dogs ‘fear’ big dogs (specific breeds maybe, but not just anything bigger than them), but I can’t prove that either way...

Saffy101 Mon 03-Jun-19 11:57:53

I have stopped walking my GSD in public as I can no longer hold him due to other dogs behaviour he is now triggered. He would now fight back.

Yinyen Mon 03-Jun-19 12:06:42

It's a shame that the actions if some GSDs have caused many dogs to be fearful of the breed. In our local park there have been two GSDs that have caused a number of attacks. My lovely mongrel was savaged by two GSDs as a pup and 16 years later still will growl at and GSDs she sees but not at other dogs.
Did it puncture your dog? If so they need to muzzle it. If it was just a growling twat then not.

pigsDOfly Mon 03-Jun-19 13:05:01

My small dog is a bit fearful of GSD, it seems to depend on the individual dog as to how fearful she is but would never run at another dog as she prefers to give a scary dog a very wide berth - she's a lover, not a fighter.

She was attacked by a JR some time ago. Both dogs off lead in the park walking past each other when the JR sudden turned and flew at my dog.

Fortunately the owner was nearby and managed to grab his dog before he could do any harm. He (owner) seemed almost as shocked as I was and was full of apologies.

Awful hearing my poor little dog screaming in fear.

Saavhi Mon 03-Jun-19 13:46:23

Thanks for the replies. It's just all totally avoidable which makes me livid! The attacking dog gets to jog on while my boy is left in pain and terrified.

To say I've become anxious on walks since the last attack (which was 200x worse than today) is an understatement. It is used to be a pure joy prior to the first attack.

You'd be shocked at the number of dogs who approach us miles away from their owners and jump up on my boy/get in his face. What person in their right mind sees a GSD on lead at lets their dog bolt for us? I'm lucky if the other dog is recalled half the time.

I plan my entire day so I can walk my dog when it is quiet. He shouldn't be the one shut away! sad He gets a good amount of socialisation when dp walks him but I tend to stay away from other dogs.

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Saavhi Mon 03-Jun-19 13:48:38

what more do you want?

For the owner to have the dog on the lead AT LEAST. Why the hell should my dog be harmed?!

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Branleuse Mon 03-Jun-19 13:57:30

It does my head in. Our staffie has been attacked twice, once by a labrador, once by a retriever and my poor dog got chased and had a go at by two off lead staffies the other day while the owner wasnt even watching them. Yes yes to whoever says that people dont see their small dogs aggressiveness as much of a big deal, while if that was a bigger dog it would probably be put to sleep.

Slicedpineapple Mon 03-Jun-19 14:34:31

The thing is, even if the approaching dog is friendly and yours is friendly, IMO it is not fair to let a dog bolt up to one on a lead. You have no idea why they are on a lead.

The other day it was about 18c and a dog approached our boy to play. I let it happen for a couple of minutes and then called my dog away because he doesn't do too well when he gets really hot. He started coming back (in his head - play time over) and the other dog wouldn't stop following to try and play.
Long story short, play time went on for another 2 mins while I asked the owner to recall their dog. I put my boy on a lead after that because he was getting way too warm and I didn't want him running about too much more.
So 3 dogs (off lead) come over and bound around him to play. He is tired, hot, restrained, and has 3 dogs bouncing around him, jumping towards him, etc. If he was off lead I wouldn't mind, but how is this fair to him when he can't do anything back, and can't get away if they were being too much for him?

Hecketyheck Mon 03-Jun-19 15:01:55

We have the same with our black greyhound- she has been harassed by so many smaller dogs who are off-lead and out of control. It makes me SO cross. No advice Op but sympathy from me.

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