Would you do anything or just leave it?

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MarcoPoloCX Mon 03-Jun-19 05:36:00

There's a dog that's usually walked by the mother or the son.
I don't see them very often but seen them about ten times over the last three years, last time being the summer last year. Our dogs have always played nicely together.

Anyway, one evening this week I saw the dog with the dad.
Since they played before, I let mine go over to play. They were running and sniffing. Then all of a sudden, the dad got really aggressive. He goes " if you don't get your dog, I'll deck you"
And he was mumbling something about having to spend money on the dog. He was quite threatening. I was confused on why he acted that way.

A few days later I saw the son in the park and he said that my dog has attacked his dog and apparently they had to fork out over three hundred quid because it went "paralysed"

I was thinking what!!!
That's the first I heard of it.
The dog was running and everything.
My dog is friendly and would never attack another dog. He is not that way inclined.
Playing rough or a squabble over a ball, yes but not a viscous attack as he's not that kind of dog.
Plus I'm always with him.

To me it just doesn't add up.
Mine does not attack dogs purposefully.
And if there was a viscous attack I would have known. He's always with me. And other dog wouldn't be wanting to run and play a few days ago if it did but would have acted negatively back.

It could have only been rough play or a squabble over the ball.

But for a dog to be "paralysed" as the son claimed, something major must have happened.
And if it was paralysis, it certainly would cost a lot more than a few hundred quid and would involve months of rehabilitation.

You get dogs squabbling over a ball every now and then but they don't end up with a few hundred bill at the vets, which makes me think it could have hurt its ligament or something or there might be some underlying health condition that it's prone to already.
Or it might have suffered a seizure.

The son was adamant that it was my dog. Both our dogs are friendly so it doesn't make sense unless they have mistaken him for another dog.

It happened last year.
Another dog walker gave me the mum's email.
I was wondering should I get it touch to find out what happened or just leave it and avoid them in the future considering how aggressive the dad was towards me?
And if I get in touch, should I apologise?

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Puddingmama2017 Mon 03-Jun-19 06:53:22

Apologise for what? Surely it’s a case of mistaken identity/outright rubbish. Unless your dog has been left unattended?

Too many questions, why didn’t they contact you for vet bills? Why were you unaware of it happening?

I’d leave it and avoid in future.

Trippedupagain Mon 03-Jun-19 07:04:08

Oh crikey no, don't apologise! It sounds like mistaken identity definitely. Avoid them and keep away. You've nothing to apologise for and they will probably hand you a vet's bill if you apologise.

MarcoPoloCX Mon 03-Jun-19 08:22:17

No, my dog was not left attended.
He doesn't wander off and I always keep an eye on him.

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IHeartArya Mon 03-Jun-19 08:23:24

No do not say or email anything. They have to prove it’s your dog. Not just say so!

MarcoPoloCX Mon 03-Jun-19 08:23:54

Left unattended*

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MarcoPoloCX Tue 04-Jun-19 07:45:19

It meant to say he was not left unattended.
Think it's best to leave it and avoid them in the future.

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