Best way to deal with poop

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Louiselouie0890 Sun 02-Jun-19 22:08:52

Stupid question I know but dog has a poo in the garden we bag it up put it in the bin. Problem is our bin is often full so someone has to stand in it to push it all down. As you can imagine shitty shoes. OH thinks to just put the poo in a bucket (no bags) and tip it in at the end of the week after bin has been crushed but I just think it's revolting, attract flies etc. I think it should be in bags at least but he thinks the bags are a waste to just sit in a bucket. What do you guys all do, thanks

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S1naidSucks Sun 02-Jun-19 22:15:51

Bag in a bin with a clip on lid, then it can be air tight. Tip it into the bin at the end if the week. There are special ‘bins’ that you can get for the garden. They’re dug into the garden and then an environmentally friendly ‘chemical’ is added. The poo breaks down and soles into the soil. Or take it with you in a bag when you go out and pop it into a dog bin.

Some councils permit you to put it in the grass bin, so long as it’s in a soluble bag.

I have to take mine to a special tip, every fortnight, in the car. 🤢 Four bin bags. I’m a dog sitter. Worst time was in the middle of a hot day, drivers window wouldn’t open and the air conditioning wasn’t working. I decided to buy a new car that day! 🤮

PutyourtoponTrevor Sun 02-Jun-19 22:16:14

We have a separate swing bin by the bins for dog poo, it has a bin liner and the poo is bagged...double bagged in hot weather. Our bin is collected fortnightly so I take the first bag to a poo bin where we walk the dog

Louiselouie0890 Sun 02-Jun-19 22:26:49

S1Naid- oh my god that's sounds revolting 😂 I'd probably be gipping while driving 😂

I said a tub with a sealed lid but he thinks it will warm it up but with the lid surely it doesn't matter what it's doing? Our garden is all paved. I think I need to search on some special bins before he starts making hills of poo in an open bucket 😂 I just hate the thought of poo just sitting there it's bad enough it stinking the big general bin

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Knowivedonewrong Mon 03-Jun-19 10:44:09

I bag ours put it in a lidded bin in the garden, then double black waste bag it and put it in our rubbish bin which is collected fortnightly.

longearedbat Mon 03-Jun-19 12:06:53

I've got an old planter behind the shed. I made bigger holes in the bottom and that is my doggy earth closet. I leave a pile of spent compost beside it. Poo is shovelled in and then lightly covered with the compost, so no smell. When it's full I dig a hole at the back of a border and bury the contents, which (apart from the very top) have turned into a soil like consistency, and usually has earth worms in as well. Important though to keep the rain out, otherwise it gets very smelly. Guess how I discovered that?
My dog is small though, only poos in the garden once a day, so it takes several months to fill. Might be different if you've got a big dog.

Saltandpepperpringles Mon 03-Jun-19 12:12:14

We also use a swing lid bin. I have one of those poop scoop things (long handle with a opening closing 'mouth' at the bottom) to collect it all, then just empty the bin once a week.


Retreatbynameretreatbynature Mon 03-Jun-19 12:27:35

How do you get rid of loose poo off of the grass. Sometimes (apologies for anyone eating lunch) but it can be so loose that there’s still some left IN the grass. Not nice!! My hose has broken so I’m at a loss to know how to clean it away without pulling up clumps of grass at the same time.

longearedbat Mon 03-Jun-19 12:35:38

Use a watering can or a bucket of water.

Retreatbynameretreatbynature Mon 03-Jun-19 13:53:31

Yes I’ve just tried that, it worked quite well thankfully.

DogInATent Mon 03-Jun-19 16:46:46

I have to take mine to a special tip, every fortnight, in the car. 🤢 Four bin bags. I’m a dog sitter. Worst time was in the middle of a hot day, drivers window wouldn’t open and the air conditioning wasn’t working. I decided to buy a new car that day! 🤮

Could you not pay for a fortnightly trade waste collection?

BarkandCheese Mon 03-Jun-19 16:52:42

I pick my dog’s poo up using toilet roll then flush it. I’m not sure this would work for a large dog who poos large amounts though (my dog is tiny) or one who has loose poo.

BeerandBiscuits Mon 03-Jun-19 17:00:56

My 2 dogs poo once a day, usually in unison grin in the garden just before bed time. I pick up and bag and put it outside back door to take with me next morning on walk. There's a bin close by that we always pass.

OverFedStanley Mon 03-Jun-19 19:26:32

<whispers> a huge advantage of raw feeding is the really small and very unsmelly poos much easier to get rid of.

Smolo Mon 03-Jun-19 19:32:04

We just put them in the poo bin!

missbattenburg Mon 03-Jun-19 19:36:55

Bag them and put them all in a dedicated small bin - this is then emptied into the main bin just before collection.

Louiselouie0890 Mon 03-Jun-19 20:39:43

We have dogue de bordeux so he's very big and poos so much. Think I'm gonna go for a bin with a lid on. Wish I had a grass garden the bins that you can dig sou d very good.

Thanks all for the advice

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Floralgizelle Tue 04-Jun-19 20:03:42

Im sure you can apply for an additional waste bin but there may be a charge.

GameofPhones Sun 09-Jun-19 00:27:00

Bag it and leave outside the front door (hidden by hedge under window in case of sensitive souls). Pick up when we go out, leave in litter bin. I also have a long-handled poop scoop and pan set which has made it much easier to deal with.

RaffertyFair Sun 09-Jun-19 00:35:06

Picked up with loo roll and flushed away.

Theyellowsquare Sun 09-Jun-19 01:13:26

We lift the manhole and throw it down there and then hose it down.

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