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Girlintheframe Fri 31-May-19 06:02:15

Any good tips to stop pup from jumping up?
It's easy to control at home, I basically get him to sit and don't give him attention until he does. The real problem is when I collect him from daycare. He is so so so excited to see me he basically forgets all his manners. I came home yesterday filthy, covered in mud and had to wash my entire uniform and coat due to his over enthusiastic hello!

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BiteyShark Fri 31-May-19 08:55:07

Do you have to rush out of daycare or do you have time to turn your back until all four paws are in the floor before you greet and leave?

I am secretly jealous as BiteyDog just wags his tail a bit when I pick him up from daycare as if to say 'oh it's you, I guess the fun is stopping and we are going home' hmm

OverFedStanley Fri 31-May-19 09:09:16

Arrive at day care with treats in your hand Drop treats onto floor as he greets you and then praise him like crazy as he has all four feet on the floor eating up the treats.

Pop lead on him and then walk him away with cheery happy voice.

Girlintheframe Sat 01-Jun-19 07:46:24

Generally it's a rush to get out of daycare.
It is lovely how excited he is to see me it's just a bit much when he is filthy hmm
I will persevere and try the tips. We also employ a zero tolerance approach at home. Fingers crossed it's a phase that he will grow out of!

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adaline Sat 01-Jun-19 08:14:14

It's really hard to train a dog out of jumping up because it's a self-rewarding behaviour.

The person they jump at either fusses them or tells them off - but both of these things mean the dog gets some kind of attention so they keep doing it. The other problem is that if they know one person will give in and fuss them when they jump, they'll try it with everyone just in case!

You need to be firm in every scenario not just in the house. You could ask daycare to have him on a short lead when you collect so he physically can't jump, for example? Or have treats that you hold low down so the dog has to be low to the floor to get the treats.

Do you use hand signals to get your dog to sit? We learnt one in puppy class so when mine comes barrelling towards me at full pelt, I use the hand signal so he knows what's expected - he then comes skidding to a halt at my feet!

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