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Taking new puppy to France

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DogInATent Thu 30-May-19 17:59:59

For anyone following along in a similar position, remember that if you're going through (or about to) the process of getting a Pet Passport you should think about getting the optional titre test done. After Halloween it may no longer be optional for EU travel - it's one of the known unknowns - and the timescales involved are quite critical if you do get it done.

Anna713 Thu 30-May-19 17:43:35

Doginatent - thanks for the link. I have read it. On reflection I think we need to wait until the pup is a bit older. I think it's possible but too stressful without knowing for sure how a young puppy will travel. Thanks again to all who have taken the time to respond.

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DogInATent Thu 30-May-19 17:24:23

Read the link at the bottom of this message (note this link only applies to re-entering the UK, you'll need to find the equivalent for entering France) you've got a couple of things to consider:
- the general welfare of travelling with a young pup
- the legalities of traveling with a dog, specifically re-entering the UK

Your timings are going to be very tight for travelling this summer with a pup that young to meet the minimum age for vaccination and the waiting period after the vaccine has been administered until you can travel on the pet passport.

You have a lot of research to do.

adaline Thu 30-May-19 17:07:04

What if your pup gets carsick?

Are you okay to stop every 30 minutes or so, in order for the dog to toilet? Or are you content with them just going in the car and you chucking away the sheets/towels/pads?

Also I believe it's a certain amount of time after they've had the rabies jab before they can leave the UK - worth checking before anything becomes set in stone?

Anna713 Thu 30-May-19 16:51:53

Thanks all. I am concerned about the drive as we are a long way from the ferries. We can take our time and will probably drive overnight but even so.... The timing is something I will check carefully with the vet. We can go anytime really so could delay for a week or two.

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OverFedStanley Thu 30-May-19 16:33:22

Do check this but I think the puppy has to be 12 weeks to have the rabies vaccination.

Do you still have to wait 21 days after the rabies vaccination before you can bring the dog back to the uk? If that is the case would this fit into your time frame?

billybagpuss Thu 30-May-19 16:20:55

Also take into account the journey time, with a young pup you will need to stop so many times for extra wee stops. We went to one of our regular weekend trip places and a 2.5 hour journey was closer to 3.5.

BiteyShark Thu 30-May-19 16:15:38

One thing to consider is how well the puppy travels. Mine was always fine in a car but lots of threads on here suggest that quite a few hate the car when young and you wouldn't have a lot of time to get him/her used to it.

Anna713 Thu 30-May-19 16:12:01

We are seriously considering getting a new puppy, probably a Springer Spaniel, but are hoping to go to our caravan in France in August when the new dog would be about 14 weeks old. Obviously we will make sure the dog is fully vacinated including the rabies vaccination but I am really not sure if its a good idea or not. I will get advice from a vet but was wondering if any mumsnetter had done anything similar. I know we should probably wait until we get back but were we stay is very quiet and great for dogs. Thanks.

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