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MissEliza Thu 30-May-19 13:03:06

I have a year old beagle. When I walk her at the park near our house, I usually keep her on the lead because she has terrible recall and the park is right beside a busy road. There are always dogs off lead who come up to her but we've never had a problem as there is always an owner close by to supervise their dog. My dog Is also well socialised and friendly.
However as the weather has changed, I've noticed this dog has started coming. He's not aggressive but will almost 'tease' my dog by running up close to her then running off again. Of course this drives my dog wild. It took me a while to work who was the owner. It turned out to be a woman standing in the swing park with her kids. Not once have I seen her in the actual park supervising her dog. I generally manage it by steering my dog away if I see the dog first. However if I don't do that, the dog will keep pestering us and it spoils the walk.
Today I actually had enough. I was standing with my back to the dog while mine was sniffing away so I was caught unaware. When the dog came up to mine then ran off my dog pulled so hard, I spun around (and felt like an idiot). The dog then kept coming up and running away which was winding my dog up. I could see the owner watching from the swing park but did nothing. Eventually as I pulled mine away, I said loudly 'for God's sake'.
Is this acceptable behaviour from a dog owner? Surely you can't just leave your dog to run around a park while you stand chatting to the other parents. That's not adequate supervision. Moreover when I took my dog to puppy school, the trainer said off the lead dogs should not go up to dogs on the lead. Any thoughts?

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BiteyShark Thu 30-May-19 13:10:10

Whilst I agree with you about dogs off lead not going up to those that are on lead you will always find owners that simply do not care (especially in parks).

I avoid parks for that reason. Mine can be off lead as he is like velcro when I have a ball but he hates being pestered by other dogs who won't leave him alone when he doesn't actually want to play with them.

FATEdestiny Thu 30-May-19 13:26:24

Yeah, many owners simply don't care. You could get worked up about it and have a go. I find that is unlikely to change anything aside from upping your stress levels.

I just accept some owners are selfish like this. I usually make a to-the-point comment as I pass them, without being nasty. "My dog doesn't like other dogs" is my staple (not strictly true, my dog doesn't mind otger dogs who respect her space but hates being jumped at or pestered).

Then I just avoid such dogs and owners and try to distance my dog from there's by walking at a different time or place.

MissEliza Thu 30-May-19 13:41:52

Yes I really don't want to up my stress levels- it defeats the purpose of having a dog! I think my maximum would be my 'fgs' which I said loudly this morning. I just wanted to know I was in the right in case she says something as she could tell today I was annoyed.

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Walney Thu 30-May-19 13:59:48

I would try and mention it politely, because that isn't acceptable. The dog is playful and yours sounds lovely, but if it came across a dog that wasn't sociable then the off lead dog could get hurt. I play with mine in the park every day off the lead, but that is part of a doggy group where we all know each other and the dogs have a great time playing together. I also know my dog is one that could run up to a new dog (but park is the only place she can be reliably off lead and I like her running and playing) so I always keep a lookout and quickly call her/put on a lead to stop her running over.

I usually take my dog and daughter at the same time as there is a play area near the doggy social area, but when I do I keep my dog on a lead or tied up while supervising my daughter in the play area. The lady really shouldn't be letting her dog off to play without keeping an eye on it or being there.

Nesssie Thu 30-May-19 14:33:54

If this had happened with my reactive dog, her dog would have been in serious trouble. I stand there and shout 'can you call your dog please' over and over again.

You are well within your rights to ask her not to let her dog come running over to your dog but some people are just asses.

DuchessDarty Thu 30-May-19 15:28:25

I would go up to her and have a polite word. She should be supervising her dog properly.


adaline Thu 30-May-19 17:36:15

A fellow beagle owner! waves

Lots of people don't seem to care whether your dog is on a lead or not, sadly. Our beagle is fabulous off-lead but can be a frustrated greeter on lead (not all the time though, sometimes he's great).

Lots of people say to me "oh, my dog's friendly, he just wants to play/say hello" - well, that's fine, but my dog is on a lead, which is generally a universal sign that he doesn't want to play with yours!

Unfortunately some people are idiots, and some of those idiots also happen to own dogs!

Our beagle is 15 months by the way and his recall has come back to him recently - he's been off the lead on all his walks this past month - it will get better!

OverFedStanley Thu 30-May-19 17:38:44

I had a great one yesterday out with my deaf and almost blind wobbly oldie on lead when two small dogs charged over and tried to bite his side. Owner shouted over "don't worry they can't bite the have an overbite to their mouth" as her dogs were hanging off my dogs neck.

I am sorry OP you had to deal with this but there are some really really stupid dog owners about - you can not trust them to be normal and make sensible courteous decisions unfortunately

DuchessDarty Thu 30-May-19 18:26:15

This isn't the same scenario other than on the general top of uncourteous and stupid dog owners -

About 7 years ago we were in a park near a friend's house at a birthday picnic for her young son. It was a hot and dry summer's day so lovely weather for it. The park has 3 separate sectioned off dog play areas where dogs can be off-lead, but in the main park area they have to be on-lead. It's not very large but there's several paths across it with a lot of foot traffic, children playing football and people on bicycles, so it's not a great place for a dog off-lead anyway.

We were eating with the children, minding our business, when these two little dogs came charging over and attacked the food, trampling over several small children in the process. My friend's husband stood up and roared at the dogs and chased them away, and their very slow-walking owner who'd been having a chat with her friend was quite cross about his reaction.

MissEliza Thu 30-May-19 21:28:52

@adaline waves back! My little one is fourteen months. They are special dogs aren't they?
Last week I was out shopping and I saw a dog leap up on a little girl who looked about eight. She was really scared but the old man who owned her said 'don't worry, he's just being friendly'. What a moron.

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stucknoue Thu 30-May-19 21:49:41

At our park it's the out of control beagle that caused me grief today, zero recall basically, the woman had been trying to catch it for an hour. He was pestering my grumpy ball obsessed collie and I called my dog over to me, it followed and I grabbed it's collar - one happy owner! But I hate dogs pestering those who don't want to play

adaline Fri 31-May-19 07:16:41

They are lovely! @MissEliza

How are you finding yours? I've read threads on here where people have said flat out "no" to a beagle but I haven't found mine to be anywhere near as bad as the horror stories - give him plenty of exercise and chews to keep him busy and he's fine!

BiteyShark Fri 31-May-19 07:20:07

My DH would have loved a beagle but I thought they might prove too much work for a first time dog owner. I said this to a beagle owner and we both laughed whilst they had full control of their beagle on lead whilst my spaniel was doing his typical 'but I loooove everyone and pulling to get away' on his lead. Maybe a beagle wouldn't have been so bad grin

MelanieCheeks Fri 31-May-19 07:25:28

4mth old beagle having little puppy dreams here beside me! My spaniel on the other hand, barks at anyone and any dog that comes near her.

YouJustDoYou Fri 31-May-19 07:27:53

So many dog owners love to trot out the "he's just playing! He's harmless! He's friendly!" line. I absolutely hate it. It's rude and arrogant. Yanbu to get mad. She needs to control her dog.

IHeartArya Fri 31-May-19 07:36:54

She’s a lazy dog owner. You’re right, she’s wrong. She needs to have her dog under control. Is there a dog warden by any chance?

MissEliza Fri 31-May-19 09:59:08

@adaline They do have an undeservedly bad reputation! The main problem we've had is the trail of destruction she's created over the last year, from a mattress topper to a sky remote! Our back garden is constantly full of boxes and cartons she's dragged out of the recycling and shredded! She's extremely cuddly and loving though. There's almost always someone at home in our house and it's quite a lively household, which is what they like being pack animals.

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adaline Fri 31-May-19 12:52:10

For the destruction I'd recommend loads of natural chews. Ours has pizzles, yakkers, antlers, buffalo horns and loads more - keeps him occupied and I just rotate them so he doesn't get bored!

I do think their reputation is inaccurate though. When I'm out the dogs I meet who are the most badly behaved are chihuahuas and labradors!

Purplecatshopaholic Fri 31-May-19 15:42:57

Where I live there are loads of dogs and most owners are very responsible. There are one or two idiots of course. My boy is large and actually pulled me over the other day when an off-lead out-of-control lab appeared unexpectedly. I was not happy (and bruised to pieces). The owner appeared said oops sorry in a very casual manner and kept walking.

MissEliza Fri 31-May-19 17:00:10

@adaline I've never heard of pizzles or talkers. I'll need to google them! Thanks for the tip.

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IHeartArya Fri 31-May-19 18:38:38

Ddog doesn’t like antlers at all. Do not google pizzles wink though ddog will do anything for them!

MissEliza Fri 31-May-19 22:07:08

I did google pizzles! The things you learn from MN!

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IHeartArya Fri 31-May-19 22:13:06


adaline Sat 01-Jun-19 08:27:13

Yakkers are slightly more palatable to think about @MissEliza - they're just hard cheese chews basically!

Mine loves them, and once they get to the end of it, stick the last bit in the microwave and it expands and takes on a different texture - he goes especially nuts for that!

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