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When did your dog start loving you?

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Nicolbolas Wed 29-May-19 08:27:46

Nicolpup is about 9 months old and likes to spend most of his time downstairs. He's a high energy breed, but generally calm and independent in the house. I just wish he was more cuddly!

I know he's an individual and I obviously have some romantic ideal where he just wants to snuggle up with me like a live teddy, but still! grin

He's allowed in my bed and all the furniture, but whilst he'll jump onto the bed for 5 minutes to say hi, he never stays there. He gets a little hot at times upstairs, but I think he's also a bit 'meh' about physical affection. Any tips on how to make him slightly more partial to it? wink Does this improve with age? I'm lonely!

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Cannothtinkofaname Wed 29-May-19 08:35:00

Ours is 3 and still not a cuddly dogsad She likes being in the same room as us though so I think that's as good as it gets!

I'm like you, thought she'd be sitting on my lap but no, she's a user - only wants us for food, walks and playingsmile

BiteyShark Wed 29-May-19 08:37:03

Mine is cuddly and affectionate but definitely on his terms. If he wants affection he will come and sit on me but if he doesn't he gets annoyed if I stroke him and takes himself off somewhere else whilst huffing loudly at me.

Do you do anything fun together like trick training, agility (for puppies given yours is still young) or scentwork?. I found mine defintely had more of a bond once I started doing things together that required us to work as a team.

magicBrenda Wed 29-May-19 08:44:14

I used to carry my pups around in my dressing gown pocket so they were always like shadows to me growing up.

Maybe he just likes his own space

Ladymargarethall Wed 29-May-19 08:44:50

Ours is 15 (years) and all affection is to meet his needs. I think he is a closet cat!

Nicolbolas Wed 29-May-19 08:56:07

Boo, hoped it was a phase. Nicolpup is in my bed right now, specifically because I'm not in it. He does pant quite a bit, so I'm guessing he's just too hot to lie with me. sad

We do trickwork, but I've been slacking on my responsibilities a bit the past few months due to my disability worsening. It's getting better now, so hopefully we'll get to bond more. He does run at me like a mofo when I call him in the field, so maybe he does love me. confused Should have gotten a cavalier king Charles I guess if I wanted a lap dog!

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LaurieFairyCake Wed 29-May-19 09:00:24

I also don't have a lapdog. I get affection in bed at night where she reverses her butt into me and gets her tummy out for a cuddle.

During the day life is too interesting for her for affection.

She's also really independent. No separation anxiety and is very social at daycare with other dogs.

DesperadoDan Wed 29-May-19 09:12:23

What breed is he? I have a Rottie and she definitely loves me on her terms, she enjoys a cuddle and lots of strokes but likes her own space and will often sleep in the hall rather than in bedrooms.
When we are on long rambling walks and she is off the lead she shows her love by giving me happy looks as we are walking and the constant checking that I’m still with her. She is obedient and wants to please, I know she loves me as much as I love her.
Previous dog was a male Jack Russell who was the biggest lap dog ever, he knew nothing about personal space, I would often wake up with his head or back end on the pillow next to me.

adaline Wed 29-May-19 11:26:31

Ours has been cuddly from the word go. Spent the journey home on my lap and when we're at home he likes to be right next to us - not necessarily having a cuddle, but by our feet or next to one of us on the sofa. He sleeps with his head on the crook of my knees at night smile

What do you do with him to bond? We did LOTS of recall training with him as a pup and made us the best people to be with so he'd not run off on walks (he's a beagle so it's pretty much a necessity).

hollyjollychristmas Mon 03-Jun-19 14:21:35

I think it all depends on their character. My last dog was very much look but don't touch, would suffer a belly rub but would never cuddle up to you or sit on your lap. My current dog is the same breed but complete opposite. I would say be careful what you wish for, I always wanted a really affectionate dog and now I have one I wish he was a bit more independent. As soon as I sit down he is on my lap and he always has to be touching someone lol.

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