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Poochnewbie Tue 28-May-19 08:52:23

Poochiedog is 7 months old and is generally doing okay with training. When off the lead she is pretty good and her recall, whilst not perfect, is very good. She rarely jumps at people and is learning manners when approaching other dogs. Sometimes she misreads the situation but comes when I call.

The problem is when she’s on the lead - she pulls like a train and jumps at other people and dogs. As much as possible, I keep the lead short and stay back from others so she can’t reach. Is this right?
However there are sometimes where we can’t avoid reaching others. I try to distract with a treat and reward staying down but she still jumps. How do I stop her?
The other problem I have is people who mean well who say”oh, it’s okay, she’s just a puppy” and then reward her when she jumps so it’s confusing for her. Do t get me wrong, I know they mean well but it’s not helping the situation. Any advice welcome please.

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twinkletoedelephant Tue 28-May-19 08:58:14

My lab is 5 months I am trying so hard to stop the jumping not helped by other people (strangers on walk) encouraging him to jump up and lick their face????? Omg he licks his balls with that tounge The puppy class trainer suggested getting an 'in training' harness for pup as people are more likely to leave him alone, until we can get him 99% to listen to me not them. Maybe worth a try?

Poochnewbie Tue 28-May-19 09:42:15

Could be...have you found it makes much difference?

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MissShapesMissStakes Tue 28-May-19 11:04:33

My friend worked out that if she said her pup was recovering from an op and shouldn’t jump up, then people took notice. She noticed this when pup was actually recovering from and op. And the ‘recovery’ time lasted a long time (till the habit was on its way out).

I worry that if I say that I’ll get into a discussion and blow the lie.

OverFedStanley Tue 28-May-19 11:57:39

I dont mean this in a horrible way but man up to the people who are messing up your training - you can guarantee that they will be the very people who complain when a 10 month old lab jumps up at them.

Politely move away if they are encouraging/allowing the puppy to jump up. Tell them you are training her not to jump up if they do not like it ignore them your puppy is not there for their entertainment!

Stay away from people who can not be trusted to help with your training - if your puppy does jump up move away and then reward puppy for four feet on the ground

florentina1 Tue 28-May-19 12:02:34

DforDog do flashes that a dog can wear with you own wording. I would say A Yellow DOG IN TRAINING is the way to go. Most dog owners understand the significance of yellow. I have found that people stop and take an interest and are quite often happy to help.

For example, if the dog is about to jump, jerk it gently to your side tell it to sit and reward. What the dog needs is a distraction from its planned action. A treat for most dogs is more rewarding than the jump. Then holding it by your side use a phrase that you have already taught. I use Nicely, greet Nicely in a purr voice and hold a treat close to the dogs nose. When it obeys I treat. Obviously you will have your own phrase. Our dog used to go mad at the door bell so she is used to hearing the phrase for calm behaviour.

adaline Tue 28-May-19 12:24:07

Our trainer always told us not to be afraid to stop people fussing your dog.

Ours was a jumper - you really have to be firm. Teach "four on the floor" and do not let anyone fuss or interact with him until he's either standing or sitting nicely. If he jumps up, stop the interaction until he's calm.

I do find fellow dog owners the worst for encouraging it though. They have dogs so don't really mind jumping or being covered in fur!


Poochnewbie Tue 28-May-19 21:21:58

Thanks everyone. You’re right about being stronger with people who hinder training... I’m just such a people pleaser blush.

The yellow training harness may be a good shout too.

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