Dog burn aftercare?

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GreenFlamingo11 Mon 27-May-19 21:39:01

Before Christmas my parents' dog was hit by a car and sustained a horrific 3rd degree burn from the car exhaust on his side. The burn has completely healed now & his hair has grown back from where it was shaved around the burn but not where the burn itself was. However he is long haired so his other hair partially covers the bald patch, leaving about a 2 inch area uncovered.

It doesn't look like the hair will ever grow back in this area so just wondering if the skin needs any special treatment? It sometimes looks a little dry, should we be rubbing anything into it? Does it also need to be kept out of the sun? He normally stays in the shade when it's hot anyway but don't want sunburn on top of everything else!

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homemadegin Thu 30-May-19 03:30:49

I've always used aloe Vera on humans and animal skin complaints. It worked wonders on a horse I had with a fall injury.

You could apply sun cream as well this year at least while area still tender. I've not had to do that with dogs but have done on horses noses.

Poor doggie, hope recovery goes well.

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