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AxelsRose Sun 26-May-19 16:42:37

I’ve always wanted to show dogs but have never had the money or the knowledge before.

Now I have the money, but still short on knowledge! Can anyone talk to me about it?

I currently have a french bulldog but wasn’t bothered about showing him when I bought him. Good job really as he’s not show material! (But I still love him dearly!)

I am in talks now with a boxer breeder. She’s well known in our area and has had dogs at crufts as well as a number of successful show dogs.
Puppies due end of June so will be ready end of August? I intend to take him to puppy basic training classes, advanced puppy and KC citizenship award training but when it comes to showing, where do you start??

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MaitlandGirl Sun 26-May-19 16:48:52

Ask the breeder for info on the local ring craft classes. You can usually attend before you get your dog so you’ve got an idea how the club runs and what they train the dogs to do.

The breeder should also be able to give you info on the local shows you can attend and the contact for the local Boxer club.

I think it’s still 6mths if age to start showing in the UK, so you’ll have tome to get used to what’s expected of you.

Good luck, showing is great fun as long as you always remember you’re taking the best dog home with you, regardless of what the judges think.

AxelsRose Sun 26-May-19 16:54:19

Oh my dog(s) mean more to me than most people do! I certainly won’t love him any less if he doesn’t make it in the ring 😊 i’d concentration on agility etc instead and if he was shit at that too, he’d be my cuddle buddy!

I’ve told the breeder I intend to show and I’m going for a visit to her in two weeks so I’ll speak to her about the local ringcraft etc

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Ylvamoon Sun 26-May-19 17:30:30

I know you are looking at boxers... but have you thought about rare or endangered UK dog breeds?
The key to successfully showing is to find someone who is prepared to mentor you as well as giving you the right dog.
Talk to as many people as possible, visit dog shows - especially the ones organised by breed clubs. Get an eye for the dogs that do well. Start networking, once you know a bit more and what to look out for, get a puppy.
Good luck!

AxelsRose Sun 26-May-19 17:45:15

Well, I was thinking about a Doberman for a while but I’ve fallen in love with boxers. And the main priority for us is that the dog is a good pet. Maybe I’m not cut out for the show world?

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GypsyWanderer Sun 26-May-19 20:52:20

Hi! I used to show dogs regularly when I was a child so was brought up in that environment. I was heavily into junior handling and we were semi finalists for crufts one year but then something came up and we never went to the next show! I’ve been wanting to show for years since getting my first dog but kept putting it off. A few weeks ago I got my 4th dog, a golden retriever and I want to show her.

I’m sure loads has changed in the 25 years ish since I showed dogs but I think a lot of what you need to prepare for is how serious you want to take it? I’m only interested in the fun dog shows rather than the serious ‘open’ shows. I just want to have fun with my family pet and also take the kids along. In August there’s the ‘all about dog show’ (in the UK) that I’ll be going to when my pup is 6 months old. They have lots of fun classes like best puppy and prettiest bitch etc and also agility etc. I’m planning on entering her in a few and seeing how we go. It’s purely for fun with me. If you just want to do it for fun just fine any exemption shows (fun ones) and see where it leads.

However if you want to take it very seriously then you’ll need to do research and talk to others that show boxers. Go to a few shows without participating (take your French bulldog with you, you don’t have to enter into classes but it’ll be fun to meet other dogs) and ask questions and observe to see how things are run.

Boxers seem t9 be lovely dogs from what I’ve read. Exciting times!

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