Urinary Incontinence

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wombatron Sat 25-May-19 17:02:16

DDog1 is 10 in a few weeks. She's a pug who has an arachnoid cyst which over the last 8 months has lead to some fecal intcontinence which we were told will likely get worse and eventually bladder would follow. She wasn't fully incontinent but did have accidents where she may poo indoors. Due to her age and the savage operation/recovery time we opted to leave as is and keep her comfortable and happy until we felt we should review.

About 6 weeks ago she was rushed in with a bladder full of stones, surgery and recovery went well, or so we thought..... but since the surgery it seems that the bladder is going the same way and she's started uncontrollably weeing. Sometimes indoors, sometimes out. Rarely in her her bed (am not coming down in the mornings to her laying in anything). Sometimes she seems to know she needs to go and asks to go out - or I am just timing making her go out well, other times she just jumps up and goes.

The weird thing, is whenever you wash her underneath, or wipe, or even put warm water on her bits, she pees! I'm fully prepared to start accepting that it's the cyst and that there will need to be a discussion on quality of life at some point in the next few months if she gets worse, but I can't help but wonder if the surgery has done something here, or of the urinary diet she's now on is potentially doing something. Her last urine test came back negative for an infection. It's like her vulva (the bit on the outside) is suddenly hyper sensitive.

Just wondered if anyone else out there had any knowledge or experience I guess!


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wombatron Sat 25-May-19 19:14:42

Hopeful bump!

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