Aldi Langhams complete dog food - anyone tried it?

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Rollerbird Fri 24-May-19 20:47:23

I picked a 2kg bag up as an 'emergency' and the dog loves it.
Anyone else tried this, what are people's thoughts?
She has pooed a lot with it which makes me wonder if she isn't getting enough nutrition.

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BiteyShark Sat 25-May-19 06:27:32

Looking on langhams complete gets 3/5.

Personally I prefer to feed a much higher meat content food.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 25-May-19 06:34:16

Hmmm im hearing lots of stories about aldi pet food- its like doggy/pussy crack apparently.

Rollerbird Sat 25-May-19 06:56:26

I am never buying it again.
Answered own question this morning coming down to ANOTHER poo (that's 8?poos in 24 hours)
Although agree with dog crack.
She can't get enough of it.

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pisspants Sat 25-May-19 06:57:17

I just bought a bag of this as it seemed to be a copy of harrisons we were using. comparing the ingredients when home it seems to have a higher meat content. I think the recipe may have changed as does seem different to what is on that dog food comparison site which shows rice is the top.ingredient, but am.sure it is actually Turkey? will double check later

pisspants Sat 25-May-19 06:58:15

Should also say my dog seems happy on it and his poos are normal, just a little darker as the food is much darker than the harrisons stuff

Scattyhattie Sat 25-May-19 13:52:27

I've used it for convenience when I wasn't able to go get usual kibble. I think I just fed the same amount as usual so didn't get loads of poo but the dogs lost weight and then realised I should've been feeding a lot more per day, therefore its not particularly cost effective.


Rollerbird Sat 25-May-19 14:07:43

Our dog (skinny lurcher) has free access to the food all day and is gorging, drinking massive amounts and pooing like a good'un.
Won't be buying again.

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Rollerbird Sat 25-May-19 14:10:45

We normally feed skinners field and trial, and have used science plan (which has led to eczema) - neither any problem with poo or excessive drinking.
So either will go back to the skinners -
Unless anyone has an idea of an alternative that is good for skin issues and high ish quality?

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Branleuse Sat 25-May-19 15:51:32

wow that site is eye opening. I thought Chappie was supposed to be a good one, but looks like its actually really bad. It looks like quite a few things ive tried have been crap and will be sticking to James wellbeloved and barking heads now

Rollerbird Sat 25-May-19 16:30:58

What's good for sensitive skin?

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Girlintheframe Sun 26-May-19 04:27:27

My pup has sensitive skin and is prone to allergies.
We moved him to Millie's Wolfheart Riverside mix and all scratching/sensitivity seems to have gone.

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