About to bring home a newborn, how to make sure my ddog is ok throughout this?

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Ebrill Fri 24-May-19 12:19:56

Already feeling guilt about the thought of not having as much time for ddog when baby comes home in a few weeks. Does anyone have any advice? He's the apple of mine & DHs eye and has been since we got him, he is a proper cuddly lapdog and my heart breaks at the thought of his little world falling apart.

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MellowMelly Fri 24-May-19 12:38:51

Well the good thing about this situation is that most dogs are great at adjusting as life changes. Pop the newborn in a sling and you can still throw a ball and go for those lovely walks.

As the baby gets older what we have found here is that we make the most of when the baby is asleep and play with the dog and have cuddles then.

Also we do joint games with them both. She can now throw the ball for the dog and I blow bubbles for them both. Group bonding
things are a good idea.

It’s also the little things that help. My dog follows me everywhere so if I was changing the little ones nappy and dog is there, the dog gets a pat on the head and is told she’s a good girl too!

Appymummy Sun 26-May-19 12:45:49

We had a DS 11 weeks ago, bringing him how to our Ddog was the hardest thing - Ddog was so stressed the first night and did not understand what was going on. For 10 years he has been our fur baby and lap dog and then his whole world flipped!
However, with perseverance (he sleeps on our bed and had to be on a lead!) he now follows us Around and doesn't bother when DS cries or is playing on the floor (will come lie next to him) it will be hard to start with but please be assured it does get easier and you just need to make sure you Ddog isn't left out! Good luck and congratulations on your little one!

Bananarama12 Sun 26-May-19 12:53:19

When DS was a newborn the dog would snuggle on my lap with him when napping and now he's 18 months he can throw her a ball and they both catch bubbles as PP said. It's very sweet.

bitchfromhell Sun 26-May-19 13:07:31

Ds is 4 months and when we brought him home ddog was delighted with him, licked his head, wagging her tail and was just thrilled. Similar to when we brought a kitten home actually.
Said kitten was slightly trickier and thought she was under attack the first time the baby cried but we just gave her lots of positive encouragement and she was fine the next time he cried (5 minutes later) grin

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