Basset Hounds

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Walney Thu 16-May-19 00:19:48

Any other basset owners out there? We have a 10 month old gorgeous girl, who is very un basset as she is very active and runs for hours with doggy pals.

There aren't many bassets near us(ours is the only one) so would love to hear from other owners of the stubborn bit lovable animals.

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Pipandmum Thu 16-May-19 00:28:24

Aww sweet! They definitely are a rare breed these days I can’t remember the last time I saw one. My aunt (long dead) used to breed them in Ireland. Hope you find some doggie friends!

Walney Thu 16-May-19 00:32:20

After much research we decided on a basset as they are great with children (not wrong). They are stubborn, hard to train and loud but so worth it for their gentle, loving nature. Bonus: after a good walk they just sleep. Would love to see more around as they're great (I am biased).

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Flairhead Thu 16-May-19 01:04:13

Aww, I love bassets! I want one of my own one day!

Walney Thu 16-May-19 01:08:30

They can be hard to train and are very loud. But we realised this from research and now she sleeps when we go out and doesn't howl too much. They are social and we are lucky to live near a dog park and she has many doggy pals to play with after morning school run.

Great with children but prone to health problems (as with any breed) so check breeders are good. There are centres specialising in basset rescue worth a look too. They are gentle, gorgeous dogs.

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adaline Thu 16-May-19 22:33:57

We don't have a basset but we do have a beagle!

Leftielefterson Thu 16-May-19 22:35:14

Best dog breed around. I love, love, love them.


hippermiddleton Fri 17-May-19 11:14:37

love love love love love love bassets too. They are the best dogs.

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