Dog throwing up every morning?

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saturdayhelpme Tue 14-May-19 06:37:06

We have a 1 year old spaniel who has been throwing up (only yellow bile) these past two mornings, around 6am?

Eating normally & normal poo's, he's just been sick again and a quick google says he could be hungry so I've given him a small amount of food.

Anyone else experienced this? Thanks!

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SparePantsAndLego Tue 14-May-19 06:40:33

When does he have his dinner? I’d say it could be empty stomach related.
Can you give him something before bed and see if that alters it?
Any other symptoms? When was his last check up?

MustardScreams Tue 14-May-19 06:40:54

Must be a spaniel thing because my working cocker did this too! Got her vet checked and they couldn’t find anything wrong.

I split her evening meal into 2, gave half at normal time and the rest before I went to bed so her stomach wasn’t empty in the morning. Solved the problem pretty quickly for us. Give that a try. I’d also book him in for a once over at the vets just to make sure there isn’t any underlying issues.

saturdayhelpme Tue 14-May-19 06:46:34

@SparePantsAndLego around 5pm so it's about 12hrs after he's eaten.

We're not going to the vets unless it happens again as I'm suspecting it's an empty stomach, of course if he's not eating or drinking though we will take him!

He had some booster jabs & a dental checkup around 2 months ago.

@MustardScreams That's reassuring to hear! We will try that this evening, he's just eaten and has laid down again so I'm suspecting was hungry.
Ours is a working cocker too!

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Cherylshaw Tue 14-May-19 06:50:57

My dog used to do this, instead of giving him 2 meals a day i split it into 3 and fed him his last meal about 9 o'clock

Ridingthegravytrain Tue 14-May-19 06:56:18

Ours did this. A meal at 10 stopped it

SparePantsAndLego Tue 14-May-19 06:57:33

I’d definitely try to change the empty stomach before a vet trip.

I’d try splitting his dinner and giving some later or giving a substantial biscuit treat before bed.


FVFrog Tue 14-May-19 06:58:57

My dog had similar, and it was excess acid, yes to all the above feeding smaller more regular meals and my vet prescribed an antacid which sorted it out stopped it happening in 48 hours

saturdayhelpme Tue 14-May-19 07:01:53

Sounds pretty common then! It's strange we haven't had this issue before as he's always had dinner at 5.

He's fast asleep again now. I'm not

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adaline Tue 14-May-19 07:56:37

Some biscuits before bed should stop it smile

RidgedPerfection Tue 14-May-19 17:50:01

My dog gets a "bedtime biscuit" to prevent this; works a treat.

oarin1900 Wed 15-May-19 15:24:12

Sounds like bilious vomiting syndrome. My dog stopped having it when I cut down the amount of fat in his diet. It's explained in this excellent article

BlueCherries Wed 15-May-19 15:32:31

My dog gets a bedtime biscuit for this exact reason.

bratzilla Wed 15-May-19 16:49:59

One of mine does this if she has an empty stomach, she has to have something to eat late at night and first thing.

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