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Wormer/flea treatment

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Fontleroy Mon 13-May-19 21:05:26

Can anyone help with what to give puppies and when?

Tempted to sign up to my vets flea/wormer plan at £9 a month(other benefits too but mainly for flea and worming).

Puppy is 14 weeks, has his wormer and flea treatment from breeder and then my own vet at 12 weeks.

I’m confused as to what to give(brand wise) an when but worried I could source stuff cheaper than doing the vet plan.

Any advice much appreciated

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PottyPotterer Mon 13-May-19 21:09:53

Vet plans usually include vaccinations, health checks plus discounts on food/consultations/neutering etc, they are well worth the money imo, especially in the first year. £9 is very cheap. Puppies need treatment for roundworms until 6 months, then tapeworms as well. Most vets use panacur granules. Whatever you give make sure it's prescription only, whether you get it from your vet or get a prescription and buy online.

Fontleroy Mon 13-May-19 21:18:21

Thanks @Potty. The complete package which includes vaccinations and discounts is £12 per month which to me still seems ok based on your reply.

For ease it seems a no brainer. They’ll know what to give and when and I won’t have to remember to order etc. Pup was given advocate at 12 weeks by my vet so presume that’s what they’ll use as part of the plan

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PottyPotterer Mon 13-May-19 21:46:57

Should have said some brands of the flea spot on treatments cover roundworms so yeah I would go with the plan and your vets advice, you'll get reminders for worming/flea treatment/check ups etc too.

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