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Mayalready Mon 13-May-19 12:07:52

Ddog had a mammary tumour removed 6 weeks ago. Huge, but all gone and not spread thank goodness
Noticed her extreme thirst hadn't changed. Body condition not improved as we had put weight loss down to having cancer. She had issues over the week end that I thought pointed to diabetes (dka?) symptoms. *ob I am not a vet.
Awaited vet's opening today - sitting on doorstep literally. Initial wee sample not showing dka or diabetes at all. Suggestions by vet have been - kidney or liver issue. She had pre op testing for these. Scan today on organs +uterus showed fine. Brain tumour also a possibility.
Massive guilt I have put her through big surgery in vain.
I just wanted my lovely ddog well and it's not bloody happening!!. I thought being a parent was hard but this!!

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spiderlight Mon 13-May-19 12:30:31

Oh bless you - that must be such a worry. Does sound like kidneys though. Our old springer had temporary renal dysfunction after a serious illness and a course of steroids, but it sorted itself out with a couple of months on a renal diet and she was fine for years afterwards. has the vet done any tests today?

[holds hand] flowers

Mayalready Mon 13-May-19 12:39:46

I thought on to fast her from last night so they did bloods first thing then home for a meal and back in for redone. Results 24/48 hours.
Hard putting on a brave front. 40 odd or not! Ddog will be happier when dc are home from school. Hoping she can manage a beach stroll later. . Thanks for the HH.

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spiderlight Mon 13-May-19 12:44:22

Fingers crossed that you get some answers and a plan of action soon.

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