Why is another dog OBSESSED with attacking my dog?

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Mamabear12 Sat 11-May-19 19:28:49

Some background, my dog is a sweet dog, very social, plays well with all the dogs in the park and of course sometimes there are grumpy dogs, that let her know it if she approaches and she backs off. All is fine. However, there is this one other dog (also female) that constant wants to attack my dog from no where...even when my dog does not approach it and both are on a leash...the dog will break free from the owner and bolt for my dog to attack it. My dog always lies back and shows she is being submissive, but the dog always goes all in and is way too much. My dog will yelp and we break them up. They are both 1 and they have played before when younger. But a few months ago the dog suddenly became super aggressive towards my dog for no reason. It does not do this to other dogs, just mine. Does anyone have a clue why? We can be across the park and I see the dog, once she notices my dog, its like she goes berserk and will try to escape so she can make a run for my dog. Unfortunately, the dog is always w a nanny that does not speak English. So am not able to say anything.

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Diddleysquat Sat 11-May-19 22:34:39

I’m not sure if I can be much help but I have a terrier bitch who is generally great with other dogs but has chosen a few “mortal enemies”. She has selected her frenemies quite carefully- they are all dogs who have either taken her up on her invitation to play fight (she never initiates the first fight but will goad another dog sufficiently for them to start it) or they invited her to play fight. Once first contact has been made it seems to be game on as far as she is concerned hmm. If we accidentally let them near each other it does look and sound horrific but in reality neither dog is ever harmed (although we always separate them before it gets very far).
My only answer as to why she does it is that she is a terrier and simply loves a good play fight. She isn’t reactive, she isn’t nervous or anxious or even aggressive. She is a joyful scrapper.
I love her but she will be the death of me blush

Mamabear12 Sun 12-May-19 15:50:47

My dog absolutely loves play fighting too. She does this with many other willing dogs. She is gentle though and so are the ones she plays with. Although they can pull and tug on each others ears or fur, they happily play. If one yelps the other stops straight away. Unfortunately this one particular dog is way too aggressive and doesn’t stop when my dog yelps. I think you are right though, as they used to play fight before until the dog became too crazy. Everyone else who sees are shocked and say they would be furious etc. They clearly see the other dog is attacking my dog. But perhaps the dog just doesn’t know how to play fight? It’s so strange. The dog goes crazy every time it sees my dog. My dog doesn’t want to play anymore and just lies down submissive and scared. But the other just keeps going for it 😳 my dog is cocker spaniel size and has even one good Weimaraner friend who is huge and much stronger, but still manages to play flight gently with mine. This other dog is only slightly bigger and goes manic. Ah well. Will just have to try my best to avoid this dog.

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NicoAndTheNiners Sun 12-May-19 15:56:02

I'm the owner of the most laid back, friendly dog apart from one who she has decided is her enemy.

If I see this poor terrier in the distance I have to put mine on a lead straight away. Or she will hurtle from one side of the field to the other to get the poor dog. First time I realised there was a problem we were walking past each other, both dogs on lead and suddenly mine was shaking the other dog by a back leg!

My friend reckoned the day before the terrier had growled at her dog as we passed so maybe my dog has decided she needs to protect herself and her friend?

It's been going on for two years now! My dog is frantic on the lead straining trying to reach it!

NicoAndTheNiners Sun 12-May-19 15:57:37

I'd be tempted to give the nanny a note in English for her employers, asking them to tell the nanny to put the dog on a lead!

Kattyy Sun 12-May-19 19:02:24

Either of them being neutered/come to first season recently? These things can make dogs "re-evaluate" relationships.

SlothMama Mon 13-May-19 10:35:52

My last dog was reactive, he tended to leave dogs alone unless they had a pop at him first. However there was one weimaraner that he hated, there was no reason for it but he decided it was his mortal enemy. Maybe the other dog feels the same about yours?


EleanorReally Mon 13-May-19 10:38:08

I have a terrier so she has some enemies, one in particular an Old English SHeepdog, hated with a vengeance

a terrier also hates my dog, the owner has to pick it up when we pass, which I dont think helps matters.
It is just scent i imagine.

Fortheloveofscience Mon 13-May-19 10:40:34

Meh, my dog is laid back and relaxed generally but also has 3 enemies. 2 of them he’s never even been within sniffing difference they just hated each other at first sight. I’m on good terms with all 3 owners, when we spot each other the dogs go back on lead and with a friendly wave we turn away to make sure we don’t get too close grin.

EleanorReally Mon 13-May-19 10:40:45

I am sure the nanny must understand some english though op, and gestures, Show her the lead or something

SirVixofVixHall Mon 13-May-19 10:52:09

Dogs do have friends and enemies. My friend’s tiny chihuahua had an absolute loathing of a fairly small and innocuous terrier. She would run right across the park get to her.
Something will have triggered this, but it may never become apparent what the problem is. Some dogs hate a certain breed- many dogs don’t like boxers, because they way they bristle is seen as aggressive. A friend’s dog got attacked quite frequently because he had an undershot jaw, which looked like a snarling face to other dogs.
Not much you can do really , other than avoidance.
With this particular dog, the play has become too boisterous, and has then turned into a scrap. The other dog has not been socialised properly by the sound of it, so hasn’t learned when to stop. I have a friendly and playful terrier, and she is usually very good at staying at the noisy play level, but occasionally the other dog might get more and more wound up, then I remove my dog before it turns into a fight.
This sort of play turning into a fight is most common with adolescent dogs just coming into full adulthood. How old are the dogs ?

TheLastNigel Mon 13-May-19 11:18:12

One of our Dogs hates, for no reason at all, a Labradoodle that lives up the road. It's a sweet Dog from
What I can see and has never done ours any harm at all.
She tries to go for it every time she sees it.
This is laughable as our Dog is tiny (and also always on the lead) and so gets nowhere... we reprimand her every time but it doesn't seem to

God knows why she hates that Dog so much when she is fine the rest of the time.

Honeyroar Mon 13-May-19 21:16:29

Sometimes it's a classic bully thing. My friend's 1 yr old dog is cocky. Two of my three dogs immediately tell it off and put it in its place. My third dog, although the biggest, is nervous, and the cocky dog knows that and makes an aggressive bee line for it whenever he sees him.

Mamabear12 Tue 14-May-19 00:24:13

NicoAndTheNiners unfortunately, the lead does not stop the dog. She breaks free sometimes. This is what happened the other day. The dog saw us in the distance (my dog was also on the lead and we were just standing there chatting with my kids). The dog bolted loose and ran straight for my dog to attack. But perhaps, I will write a letter in English to pass on, that they must take extra care that the dog does not keep escaping.

Katyy my dog is fixed, but perhaps the other is not? Mine has been fixed since she was 8 weeks (i know, so young sad but she was fixed when we got her from the breeders, now 1 year and perfectly healthy and happy).

SirVixofVixHall my dog is 1 and the other one is 18 months or 2. I am not quite sure. I don't think it has been properly socialised, as its the nanny taking it out most of the time (and she does not seem to know what to do w the dog). Its just so strange, how the dog will spot my dog from a distance and I can see the look in its face...like it suddenly goes crazy and wants to bolt after my dog. My dog does not even notice this dog from a distance and when the dog comes near, my dog automatically rolls on her back showing her tummy to be submissive and surrender...but unfortunately, that other dog does not get it and goes all in not backing off.

At least we do not see this dog every day (some dogs we see daily or multiple times a day). This dog we see like once a week or every other week. Thank goodness!

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justilou1 Tue 14-May-19 00:33:21

My dog was attacked by two pittbulls. (Two separate attacks - feral owners, usual story.) She then became afraid of pittbulls. Logical. She is a big, dopey dog from a gentle breed. Unfortunately this has turned into a giant neuroses now and she is totally dog averse, but has a few friends. Mostly golden retrievers and a cavalier King Charles spaniel. (Which is hilarious, as she’s 45kgs!) I am about to spend a fortune sending her to a dog boarding school with a behaviouralist because she’s getting jumpier and jumpier and I have concerns with her and people now. (She’s 4 and is not remotely abused or spoiled at home. She is not my first dog, and she has me stumped.)

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