Signs of being in season but no discharge?

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LadyLuna16 Sat 11-May-19 12:33:43

Hi, my 9.5 month puppy had her first season 2 months ago (started bleeding 1st March). There were signs she was coming in to season. Dogs were licking her vulva, nipples pronounced etc so we were expecting it. All good. Kept her in for 3 weeks although we didn’t notice any discharge after maybe 10 days. She kept herself very clean.

The last couple of weeks we have been seeing the signs again. Very swollen vulva, dogs licking her again, pronounced nipples, very cuddly, wants to be on my lap all the time. Lots of sleeping.
I took her out yesterday and we met a dog we know. He was very interested in her and his owner said he was complete so we both sprang in to action and took them apart. Nothing happened but it wasn’t normal doggy interest.

Her vulva is no longer swollen (wasn’t swollen before yesterday although not sure when it went down - last few days), nipples no longer pronounced, but still very sleepy and cuddly. At no point have there been any discharge.
I am confused about what is happening. Is she having another season? Phantom pregnancy?

Cannot wait to get her spayed so I can stop worrying about this!

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