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IHeartArya Thu 09-May-19 07:56:40

Hi looking for advice in changing my dogs kibble. She’s a 6/7 year old Lhasa that we rehomed through a rescue earlier this year. She’s currently on eukanuba adult medium.

Vet says kibble is fine but Having read the reviews they aren’t that great. So I’m just looking for any recommendations for alternative kibble.

Selfish I know but I can’t stand smell of wet food & raw makes me envy (not envy)


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BiteyShark Thu 09-May-19 07:57:43

Have you looked on

I found millies wolfheart is good for kibble and wet.

nrpmum Thu 09-May-19 07:59:53

I feed raw but have heard tribaltlc is very good.

IHeartArya Thu 09-May-19 08:01:33

Great thanks will take a look. Won’t be on my phone much today so not ignoring people if I don’t reply till tomorrow

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Rarfy Thu 09-May-19 08:02:21

We use James Wellbegood. Our dog was on bakers or something when we got him from the breeder and when I read up on it it was like giving him a macdonalds every meal apparently.

GetOffTheRoof Thu 09-May-19 08:15:47

We used the website recommended above but also took the dog into a local independent pet food shop. They fussed her, she stuck her nose into every treat box, and now we call it The Best Shop In The World and she drags us in there if we're passing by. We get all her food there.

She's on Nature's Way, currently the fish and potato mix. She was on chicken, but we mix it up occasionally - it must be boring being a dog. Its a working dog mix, so VAT free. She's not a working dog...

She's also had Harringtons in a pinch as we can get that in any supermarket if we're stuck.

Floralnomad Thu 09-May-19 09:41:58

Ours has Millie’s Wolfheart ranger mix but I also feed wet food ( Applaws) as earlier this year he decided to stop eating kibble and it’s taken a few months to sort him out again .


SleepyPaws Thu 09-May-19 09:45:39

Have a look at Eden dog food. We had multiple tummy issues when we got our puppy, 2yrs later and no problems since we switched. It's rated 5/5 on As already suggested it's a great site to refer to.

SlothMama Thu 09-May-19 11:03:58

My girl is on Eden and she's thriving on it, it is pricey but so worth it. Millies Wolfheart is a cheaper alternative if cost is an issue

florentina1 Thu 09-May-19 13:24:01

I get mine from Essentials . It is a European supplier but has very good reviews. Their service is excellent, I know what you mean about the smell but maybe buy a few tins of Lily’s to try. It really does not have that dog food smell.

Felicia4 Thu 09-May-19 13:30:20

Agree with PP. Also, you can add toppers to your dog's kibble to give extra vitamins and minerals and add flavour. This also helps keep it interesting so kibble doesn't become boring

IHeartArya Fri 10-May-19 07:25:52

Thank you everyone. Have looked & Aatu is the only one I can get locally so will give it a try. And it’s made in UK.

I’m hoping this may stop her eating poop envy when out!

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JaneEyre07 Fri 10-May-19 07:28:27

I've got my 2 on Millie's Wolfheart and they have soft glossy coats, not too much poop and it's easy to order online with delivery within 3 days normally. You just have to remember not to run out! They do get a bit bored of kibble so sometimes I add sardines, scrambled egg or cooked chicken, and they love Natures Menu sachets.... it's almost raw but gently steamed.

Kattyy Sun 12-May-19 19:37:49

My question is, if it isn't broken why fix it? Not all reviews are going to be good, but is there a problem with your dog's health etc? Mine is on Hill's. Costs a small fortune, but he needs it. If you insist on changing, I find it excellent.

Girlintheframe Mon 13-May-19 05:52:54

We moved our from James Wellbeloved to Millie Wolf heart Riverside mix.

Pup is thriving on Millie's and poop doesn't smell offensive or soft like it sometimes was with J.W

IHeartArya Tue 14-May-19 23:59:57

Thanks everyone.

Went to independent pet shop today & will try her on Barking Heads. They advised switching to a much higher protein food could aggravate tummy troubles so to go for an in between.

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