Puppy/dog, is this possible?

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eeyoreismyfavourite Thu 09-May-19 07:21:44

I’d dearly like a puppy, I’ve had dogs since I was a child, I know the work involved etc. Lost my dog 6years ago and during that time my circumstances have changed a lot and I haven’t been able to see a way to have a puppy.
I have three dcs who are all able to help, I work school hours and term time only, three days I am unable to come home, other two I can come home at lunch and possible stay home sometimes.
Is this possible? I know it will be hard, I am prepared to get someone to come in when I am not home. I would also get the puppy at the beginning of the summer holidays so I have plenty of time for it and to get it used to being alone for a time. I hear so many people who have dogs that are left while they are work and are happy etc.
As a family we would love to have a dog and are out and about so much that it would have a lovely life - is this possible or am I simply wasting my time? It’s taking up so much space in my head at the moment I think I am making things harder than they are, all I can see are problems, I need some fresh viewssmile thank you for readingsmile

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BiteyShark Thu 09-May-19 07:42:28

I work full time but my puppy went to daycare when he was around 13 weeks old because whilst he could be left a few hours by then no way would he be able to cope with a full day (even school hours).

The thing is when people say * I hear so many people who have dogs that are left while they are work and are happy etc.* I wonder what they actually went through to get there because when you dig deeper I find they have sometimes been destructive or play up when you dig deeper. Also I have a camera on mine which streams to my phone and whilst my dog isn't destructive he does start to get up and down all the time after around 3 ish hours so I know that's his limit. If I didn't have the camera I would be coming home thinking everything is fine because he isn't destructive and we have no neighbours to annoy if he whinges.

The problem with dog walkers is that your puppy will still be young so won't be able to go on long walks for a while so whilst getting a dog walker in would be good for an adult dog to break then time up you need to think about when they are a puppy (hence mine going to daycare which we still do because he loves it)

BiteyShark Thu 09-May-19 07:46:12

Oh I was also lucky that I found a daycare to take a puppy as often they have minimum age. They also continued toilet and obedience training as well.

eeyoreismyfavourite Thu 09-May-19 07:53:06

Thank you both, much appreciated, I think my caution is valid then - I don’t want to be in a position where the animal is not oksad

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SlothMama Thu 09-May-19 11:02:36

This situation is doable particularly if you find a local daycare, or a dog walker. Lots of dog walkers do puppy visits where they'll come and spend time with the puppy rather than walk them when they are too young for an hour long walk. It's right to be cautious as personally I wouldn't leave my dog for hours five times a week

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