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Puppy bedtime/ Puppy blues!

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Kelly2385 Tue 07-May-19 20:46:29

What times do people put there puppy's to bed? Especially young pups mine is 9 weeks old. When can I expect here to sleep through the night lol I'm having puppy blues thinking what the hell have I done!! It's not all the time but it's most of the time! I think things will get better once she's fully vaccinated!

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Tumbleweed101 Wed 08-May-19 07:45:55

I put mine to bed in his crate when I go to bed (11pm approx). He’s been sleeping through for ages now but the first few weeks I got up about 4am to let him out when he started to whine.

The first week I slept in the same room as him to stop him barking and getting upset.

merryMuppet Wed 08-May-19 23:07:53

My pup was quite random about bedtime at 9 weeks but from 11-12 weeks we started to see more of a routine emerging and now at 15 weeks he’s regularly going to sleep about 8.30-9pm. He has his dinner about 6-6.30pm and about 7.45pm to 8.15pm I take him out for a walk and he has an off lead sniff and run around a big field. I’m about to take him out for a last wee in the garden now and will wake him up for that. He then comes upstairs with me and he’ll chew on his antler for a bit while I get ready for bed and then he settles to sleep with me. He started sleeping through consistently until 6 or 7am I think at about 12 weeks although he woke up last night at 3.30am needing a wee but it’s v quick now and he’s back to sleep very quickly. But then on Sunday he slept until 8am from 11.30pm. All dogs are different though. I personally find letting him sleep with me means that I get more sleep as he’s more settled and will settle back to sleep if he wakes more easily and he is likely to sleep in longer in the mornings. I like my sleep! Now when I get up at 7am, he stays on my bed quietly while I get ready as opposed to jumping off and playing straight away.

I found the broken sleep a killer. After 2 weeks he woke up one night almost every hour having slept through the previous night! hmm -

Pipandmum Wed 08-May-19 23:16:31

What? This is a dog not a baby. You set the routine. Last time out before you go to bed, in crate (or whatever), then up early to take dog out... as the dog gets older you may not have to take it out so early. Don’t think vaccinations have anything to do with it (unless you mean you haven’t taken the puppy out for walks yet). Putting a t shirt in the crate/bed with your smell may be comforting. But really start as you mean to continue - all my dogs were on their own from first night and they learned pretty quick crying was not going to get me to budge. You can tell the difference between whining because I’m lonely (ignore) to whining as I’m desperate to go out (take them out then put them back in crate - no cuddles) or help I’ve bitten my tail off (take to vet ASAP).

dangermouseisace Thu 09-May-19 10:22:25

Things will get better. Mine is 17 weeks and tends to be sleeping in the living room from around 9.30. He wakes up whilst I potter round the kitchen around 10.30, goes for a wee and then I take him upstairs to my room. He then usually sleeps from around 11.30-7 which is when my alarm goes off.

At 9 weeks I think I was still taking him out for 3 wees between about 11 and 6! Hang on in there.

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