Bike baskets for your dog!

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AllGoodDogs Sun 05-May-19 18:44:02

Who has one? Picks and recommendations would be fab 😁 thanking you!

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AllGoodDogs Sun 05-May-19 18:44:21

Picks as in pictures 🙄

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spot102 Mon 06-May-19 01:34:52

Some years ago I bought a wicker basket type with a wire top to take our jack Russell out in. Was a pain to fit on the bike - primarily because we are all short and there wasn't quite enough room between the saddle and the carrier for the basket. The fixings therefore had to be supplemented with multiple toe straps which made removal/replacement somewhat fiddly. To cap it all, the little so-and -so did nothing but bark all the time he was in it causing us great embarrassment! However at least he got to come out, rather than being left at home.

LaceyStrong Mon 06-May-19 20:44:54

I am also interested to hear what people say. I have thought about getting a bike basket for mine but always worry she would jump out. What kind of dog do you have?

AllGoodDogs Mon 06-May-19 21:17:39

I have a Yorkshire Terrier, he's only about 4kg. Bought a basket from Decathlon and used it today but too small really if it's going to be a regularly used item. He was happy enough but I'd popped a towel in there as it's all wire mesh, and it kept falling in. Looking at upgrading to this from Amazon... Pockets etc would be useful especially.

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Huffthemagicdragon Tue 07-May-19 13:59:56

I thought about getting a basket but knew that I'd never be arsed to put it onto the bike so opted for a backpack instead:

I left it out and would drop treats into and our 4kg dog would explore it on his own and then I just put him in and zipped him up. He didn't love it but now gets excited when he sees it because he knows a good walk comes at the end of it. He can see out and is mostly quiet unless he sees another dog. We're in London and within about 10-15 minutes I can be somewhere great for him without having to use the car.

Mishappening Tue 07-May-19 14:01:38

How can you ride safely with a dog jigging about on the bike? Is this wise? - for you and other road users?


Mayalready Tue 07-May-19 14:02:47

Like the witch on Wizard of Oz?
My rotty is 40kg.
Maybe a supermarket trolley cable tied on?

ButterMyBiscuit Tue 07-May-19 14:08:19

As a cyclist and dog owner the thought fills me with horror - I've had so many near misses this year, that have almost ended up with me on the floor, I personally couldn't put my pet at risk on a bike.

AllGoodDogs Tue 07-May-19 18:47:09

That was my worry too @buttermybiscuit. He was secured my a short strap so couldn't jump out, and I kept speeds low so if I had an accident and crashed or the bike fell, injury would be minimal. The basket is secured by a strong bracket and paths were fairly level so no bouncing about. Given all the precautions, and his severe anxiety at being left alone at home for prolonged time means we're both happier for him to be with us than at home.

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AllGoodDogs Tue 07-May-19 18:49:07

Also on the short distance we were on roads I saw a couple others with bigger dogs in long leads with their owners cycling. I know who I'd put my money on being more likely to have an accident..

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