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WhileLottaLottie Sat 04-May-19 22:27:54

. I am a newish (10 months) owner of a husky. I have had a Japanese akita (deceased) and also currently 2 akita X. so I'm not exactly new to a larger breed of dogs.

So far my husky is coming in amazingly the others accepted her into the pack no problems there they get on fantastically. her training is coming on brilliantly, she is fab on the lead, recall is amazing! Commands such as stop, go, heel, sit, stay, paw, fetch, leave, all the usually basics she has mastered like a pro she is great......(noisy that's another story but GREAT!)

Anyways here where I'm confused and totally baffled.....she is obsessed with a crystal formation thing my husband and son found on a local mountain. All of them are they all want to lick it and sniff it, but the husky....Well she is possesive over it she wont let anyone near it, she even went for her best buddy growling when she tried to have a look at it.... they all seem to really love it but her in particular, e I've had to put it away in the cupboard. She is very much my dog (despite being a family one) I'm clearly her favourite she wants nothing more to please me and I showed utter joy when the boys brought it home could this be why she loves it so much??? Because she knows I love it she feels the need to protect it? Other than that reason I cant think of why she would be so obsessed with it. It the others they really seem to like ... I want to keep it out on the TV stand it's a stunning piece.n.. any insight into her (and theirs ) weirdness would be greatly appreciated. I guess them loving it is better than them being scared of it.....that would be bad wouldn't it

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Beachbodynowayready Sat 04-May-19 22:36:42

Rub some lemon juice on it!
And yabu not to post pics of your husky!!

OverFedStanley Sun 05-May-19 08:43:55

No nothing so deep - I just expect it tastes of bone !

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