Indestructible dog toys

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hippermiddleton Sat 04-May-19 17:43:03

ARE there any? Other than Kongs? I'm staring out of the window at a middle-aged terrier surrounded by the miserable plastic fragments of two supposedly 'power chewer proof' dinosaurs, one of which was a replacement for a 'power chewer proof' duck. FFS. Maybe I should just let them chew up my shoes - it'd probably be cheaper...

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BiteyShark Sat 04-May-19 17:49:04

I like the zogoflex west paw toys. When my dog was destroying every toy we got him these and the kongs survived.

hippermiddleton Sat 04-May-19 18:05:47

Googling now, thank you very much...!

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Knitclubchatter Sat 04-May-19 18:13:58

yes to the zogoflex.
they also have a one time return policy if they do chew through it.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 04-May-19 18:25:23

My young adult terrier has so far failed to destroy
ChuckIt! Balls - ultra and glow in the dark versions.
Some varieties of kong toys - classic kong, wobbler and gyro.
Outward Hound toys are quite good, particularly the invincibles range - though not completely instructible - the squeaky snake they do has fared well.
The famous rubber snake from B&M which has a slit down the middle for hiding peanut butter

I also buy some toys that I fully intend he will destroy, and he will have fun doing so. Poundland rope toys and children's stuffed toys from the charity shop (50p - £1, no hard eyes or noses) are cheap enough to be considered almost disposable.

Modwolvesrock Sun 05-May-19 06:23:59

Fluff and Tuff brand dog toys from Ocado are brilliant.
Our greyhound killed the squeak in every toy he had before we bought him these, so they must be pretty tough to kill grin

BiteyShark Sun 05-May-19 06:34:07

The zogoflex toys are very 'strange' looking (the ones they aren't designed to be stuffed with anything like the air wox and bumi ones). Our dog loved to chew on them when he was young but there was no damage and now he just carries them and throws them about.

Expensive for a 'toy' but BiteyDog is 2.5 years old and they still look new so have survived over 2 years. In fact I bought a spare one because he loved it so much and I was worried he would destroy or lose it at boarding and it's still sitting unwrapped because we have never needed it.


hippermiddleton Sun 05-May-19 12:08:39

This is all really helpful - thanks! Given that I've just forked out £20 for 2 (+ 1 replacement) 'tough chewer' toys from Pets at Home that were destroyed in seconds, paying a bit more for a tougher toy seems like a reasonable economy.

I just wish most dog toys didn't look quite so much like dodgy sex aids. It's bad enough having Kongs lying around the place. [eyes Zogoflex Bumi warily]

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 05-May-19 12:19:55

I have learned the hard way not to buy anything toys in pets at home. They're either crap quality or available cheaper elsewhere - or both.

Tbh if you've still got the receipt or proof of purchase I would take back the "tough" toys for a refund on the basis that they're not fit for purpose as they've fallen apart so quickly despite claiming to be tough.

I buy most dog things on Zooplus or Amazon nowadays.

hippermiddleton Sun 05-May-19 12:26:52

avocados you're so right... PaH is very very far from my preferred pet emporium for lots of reasons, but I was desperate! I took back the initial mutilated duck, and the assistant didn't even bat an eyelid; one quick look on their website revealed 70+ 1 star reviews for most of their 'tough' range. Lesson learned there.

modwolves are the Fluff and Tuff toys really hardwearing? I'm looking at them now and they are gorgeous...

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Beachbodynowayready Sun 05-May-19 12:28:49

Nerf make ddog stuff! Husky proof too!!

BiteyShark Sun 05-May-19 12:44:07

OP the zogoflex ones were delivered to my DHs work. You can imagine the comments he got shock

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 05-May-19 13:06:25

Just remembered a couple of other options
- indestruciball (must be too big for them to get jaws around it - it's for pushing around)
- nylabones (though I'm not a massive fan if I'm honest)
- nina ottosson range - they are puzzle toys designed to be used under supervision and not indestructible, but if you use them as suggested and remove them once the puzzle has been solved, they last very very well. The dog bricks one is DDog's favourite.
- kong jumbler

TK Maxx are quite underrated for dog toys - you often find end of line good quality toys there, especially from the kong range, but also outward hound and US brands like Zippy Paws

onemorecakeplease Sun 05-May-19 13:10:24

Antlers!! We've had one for nearly a year.

It was peanut butter filled originally

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