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Littleduckeggblue Sat 04-May-19 09:37:52

My dog is riddled in flea's!
I noticed on Tuesday my dog had flea's. Used flea treatment on him on Wednesday. Left him 48 hours before washing him (as recommended) used a bit comb and brushed him last night before putting him in the shower. Used a bit comb on him this morning and he still has so many flea's!
I have sprayed my carpets, boil washed his bedding and other items.
What shall I do next?

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Shmithecat2 Sat 04-May-19 09:39:24

What flea treatment do you normally use? Get some Indorex for the house and spray everywhere. Then vacuum at least once a day for the next few weeks.

missbattenburg Sat 04-May-19 09:39:40

Get some stuff from the vets and treat him.

Buy some indorex from amazon and spray the house.

Hoover every day for a couple of weeks and throw away anything the hoover sucks up.

Job done smile

fleshmarketclose Sat 04-May-19 09:45:27

Have you taken him to the vet? They will know the treatments that fleas are resistant to in your area and prescribe a treatment that will work. My dog caught fleas despite being treated monthly with Frontline because round here the fleas are resistant to it. We use Advocate just now that the vet prescribes, when that no longer works we will swap to what the vet prescribes next. You need to vacuum all carpets, sofas etc a couple of times a day paying attention to the edges. Putting a flea collar in the vacuum cleaner will kill any that you capture.

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