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noodlenosefraggle Wed 01-May-19 13:09:13

We are fostering a whippet x at the moment with a view to adopting him. He is really lovely and the reason we looked into a whippet/ greyhound type dog is that we knew they didn't need tons of exercise and they could be left as we both work. He's not usually left for more than 3 hours without a dog walker and he seems fine. I'm working from home today and was interested in what he did all day. He has literally laid on the sofa! I gave him his Kong which he played with for a bit until it got too difficult to get the bits at the end, he ran around the garden for about 5 seconds then had a lie down, I threw him a frizbee and a ball but he just looked at me! Should I do something else? I got him a big bone from the butcher, a string of sausages to chew, a soft scrunchy toy to squeak,none of which he bothers with! He has a long morning and afternoon walk and is forced out for a quick loo walk in the evening.

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LochJessMonster Tue 03-Dec-19 11:02:18

I know this is a zombie thread but I threw him a frizbee and a ball but he just looked at me! just sums up greyhounds grin

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