Diabetes, pancreatitis and cushings

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babysharkah Tue 30-Apr-19 10:06:20

Does any one have any experience of all three, I know the diabetes and pancreatitis are coconcurrent could cushings be as well?

Ddog had acute pancreatitis that was followed by a diabetes diagnosis. He had been doing well and well regulated. Over the last few days he's drinking gallons, messing in the house and looking a bit bloated with a skinny back end. I'm running a glucose curve today at home and we are going to the vets tomorrow with the results and to test for cushings.

How do you manage all three conditions? Can you manage all three?

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Lonecatwithkitten Tue 30-Apr-19 12:04:20

Yes they can all coexist together. However, it is tricky to diagnoses Cushing s if the diabetes is unstable. So your blood glucose curve and possibly a fructosamine sample is the first step. If both of those show that the diabetes is well managed then investigation of Cushing maybe appropriate.

babysharkah Tue 30-Apr-19 12:29:39

Thank you. Doing the curve today - readings sky high just had one at 18 and he would usually be around 9 by now. Will ask for fructosamine too at the vet, he hasn't had one yet.

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Lonecatwithkitten Tue 30-Apr-19 12:41:54

Sounds like the diabetes is very unstable.

babysharkah Tue 30-Apr-19 13:01:41

It was perfect until two days ago! Something has triggered this spiral which is why I think cushings or something else is at play. Have just spoken to the vet, going to complete the curve at home today and bring him in tomorrow at 9.

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