Veterinari - can I ask you a question please?

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Veterinari Tue 30-Apr-19 20:40:31

It sounds like you’re doing Everything for her smile Lucky old girl!

Have a chat with your vet. If the diarrhoea is persisting then it may we’ll be unrelated.
Good luck

boxlikeamarchhare Tue 30-Apr-19 20:13:44

Thanks very much for replying.

She is doing well, she was fine on the metacam the first ten days and her stomach has continued to be dodgy even though she hasn’t had it for a week hence wondering if something else is going on.

Of course I bought the biggest bottle of the stuff when we thought she was fine with it!

I am still cooking poached chicken and rice, presumably I should stick with that until everything is ok? It just seems like a while with no metacam and dodgy tum.

It was hideous on the first morning, my vet couldn’t believe her recovery. Hand fed and a duvet bed 🛌 did it I reckon. I know she is a good age and that she just needs to be comfortable, happy and eating for as long as she is here.

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Veterinari Tue 30-Apr-19 18:55:35

Hi OP I would look at alternative analgesia. Metacam can sometimescause upset stomachs - usually in the first week of starting it and if this occurs it’s best to discontinue as you have done. There are many other NSAIDs (anti inflammatory painkillers) available so she might just suit a different type better.

Vestibular disease an be very severe but they can recover quite remarkably! I’m glad she’s doing well 😊

boxlikeamarchhare Mon 29-Apr-19 21:06:34

No idea how to tag.

My 14 year old Lab, always fit and healthy until two weeks ago, beginnings of arthritis, not on any medication - had a vestibular episode on the 12th. Was in a terrible state. Decided to give her a few days but made the appointment to PTS on the 17th, she had made an amazing recovery by then.

Treated for a middle ear infection (has a prescription for ear infections every eighteen months) and given metacam for the first time.

She had diarrhoea overnight on 18, 19, 23 and again today. She has never had an accident in the house before. I stopped the metacam on the 23rd after talking to my vet. Starved her and then fed her poached chicken and rice for a few days and she was ok. I have now introduced her normal food (¼ of the normal portion) together with the chicken and rice (she has eaten Burns Chicken and Rice all her life and has thrived on it until now).

She is bright, sparky, back to walking almost a couple of miles a day, has jumped straight into my V90 without help again in the last couple of days, I am shocked at her recovery but obvs need to get whatever it is she needs to eat right.

Blood tests (not sure what tests tbh) all normal. Intent is to restart the metacam at ¼ of the recommended dose and see how she goes.

What would you feed her?

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