Yumove vs Metacalm

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Doggymummy86 Sun 28-Apr-19 16:30:33

Hello 🙂
I have an older lurcher who is on metacalm for suspected arthritis. I’ve been reading up on Yumove and I was wondering what your views are on it and does it really work ?? I would love to get Murphy off metacalm but I wanna know everything before going back to the vets.
Your stories would be really helpful 🐶💙

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OverFedStanley Sun 28-Apr-19 17:28:18

It would be a good idea with your vets approval to try a supplement. (personally I prefer Riaflex HA and green mussel to yumove).

It does help a lot of dogs. It may not mean you can stop giving metacam if the arthritis is advanced but they can be taken together and may help - certainly worth a try

Doggymummy86 Sun 28-Apr-19 17:43:09

I’m desperate to get him off medication I don’t want any damage done to his kidneys etc. We’ve had blood tests done and touch wood all organs are perfect 👌 I’ve never heard of Riaflex but I’ll maybe have a look into it ... thank you !!
We’re not sure at the minute if it is arthritis- I know that sounds silly.
Hes has a couple of tooth abscess and we’re sure if that’s the reason why he’s just not himself, I was reducing the metacalm but then he got another infection so I had to put him back into full dosage. It seems every time I reduce it something else happens 🙈

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Defender90 Sun 28-Apr-19 17:57:17

Both our spaniels were on YuMove in their later years. We noticed a huge difference with it, and really rated it. He came off Metacam completely for a few years (he also did hydrotherapy).

Amazon & VioVet were usually the cheapest for it, be patient, give it a few weeks to kick in.

MummaBear2Be2019 Sun 28-Apr-19 18:00:44

My 12 year old lurcher is on Jointaid plus CBD Gold from SimplyCBD and they work perfect! He still runs and jumps around like a 2 year old

Doggymummy86 Sun 28-Apr-19 18:19:02

Mummabear is that this cannabis oil that everyone is talking about ? I don’t know how old My “little” lurcher is because he’s a rescue, the vets have him at 15 but I think it’s more 12. Did your vets recommend the joint aid and CDB ?

Defender - I was considering doing hydrotherapy but my little rescue is scared of water 🤨

My main concern at the minute is getting him off any kind of medication that could damage his organs and there’s always a risk with metacalm long term. The people I’ve spoke to have all mentioned Yumove & it’s all been amazing reviews, I’ve really looked into it & the ingredients, since I’ve had Murphy he’s never had any kind of human food or any medication unless it’s been desperately needed, I think I’m just being overly cautious. I don’t mind about the cost as I’m close to £40 a month on metacalm + vets fees 🤨

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BorderlineExperimental Sun 28-Apr-19 18:46:39

I found Flexadin Advanced to be the supplement that had the most positive impact for my arthritic dog. She's been on tramadol (she can't have NSAIDs) for arthritis in her hips for a couple of years now and as a result of starting her on the Flexadin her daily dose was able to be halved for about six months or so before she needed it putting back up to where it had been previously.

She also does hydrotherapy, currently once a week. She goes on the water treadmill rather than full on swimming in the pool and this has also had a really obvious positive impact on her.

Canine Arthritis Managment have loads of good information about dealing with arthritis in dogs. They've also got a FB page which is well worth a look through, lots of interesting stuff on there.


Doggymummy86 Sun 28-Apr-19 19:20:44

I’ll have a look for it on Facebook thank you !!! Thank you so much ... I really appreciate it !!

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OverFedStanley Sun 28-Apr-19 19:27:57

Do have this discussion with your vet. I do totally get where you are coming from with regards to side effects of the medication and it is wise to discuss this with your vet.

However you can monitor your dog closely with blood tests etc to see if there is any damage from the painkillers and then there is other medication you can use.

A dog will hide his pain and I would hate to think of my guys in pain as they only let you know when it is pretty bad and metacam can make a huge difference to their comfort levels. Also if they can move more it helps the muscles to support the area with arthritis,

I totally agree with looking at CAM as there are also many life style changes you can make to help your dog have a happy pain free time.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Sun 28-Apr-19 19:36:27

Labradors here and have used Yumove to good effect in the past but I think there’s a progression of treatments and Yumove would be at the beginning IMO. Then when that stops having as much effect, move on to Metacam, when that is not having the same effect (or long term use is becoming a risk to organs), move on to Cartrophen injections then look for other alternatives etc etc. My oldest girl Labrador (made it to 14) was on Yumove and Cartrophen at the end, we’d had to stop Metacam because it did start affecting her kidneys. But the biggest help to her was actually Acupuncture. I was very sceptical to start with but thought it was worth a try. Honestly, it was amazing from the first visit. Had the option of Hydrotherapy too but as the acupuncture worked so well stuck with that. We were lucky to have insurance cover for alternative therapies.

Doggymummy86 Sun 28-Apr-19 19:57:47

Thank you so much for all your advice I really appreciate. I think it will be another vets trip as he’s picking with his dentastix again I’m thinking another tooth infection 🙁 I hate it when he’s not well, I just want to wrap him in cotton wool and keep him forever

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Veterinari Sun 28-Apr-19 20:03:07

OP there’s no evidence that metacam shortens life. From your DDogs point of view it’s important to focus on giving him the best equality of life possible. Chronic pain is awful. Yumove may be helpful in addition to metacam and other drugs such as gabapebtin can also be prescribed by your vet. CBD oil has not been licensed for use in animals in the UK and is a prescription-only veterinary medicine, so the PP who is giving it to her dog is doing so illegally. It hasn’t yet been evaluated as safe and therapeutic doses haven’t been established though work is ongoing.

Veterinari Sun 28-Apr-19 20:04:10

And just to add he’s Gorgeous and looks very well-loved! flowers

KipperTheFrog Sun 28-Apr-19 20:09:11

We use yumove with our grumpy old man, with cimalgex for his arthritis. Theres a new med weve been recommended as it has less side effects, galliprant. Can only get it through the vet at the moment. We're thinking of changing to that when we run out of cimalgex.
Yumove was the first thing we tried, and we've carried on after adding prescription meds as we can use both.

StealingYourWiFi Sun 28-Apr-19 20:11:00

Neither. CBD oil has changed my 13 year old dogs life. She couldn’t jump on the sofa, struggled running, couldn’t get up the stairs. After a week of CBD she does all that and more. She runs around the field and actively seeks other dogs to play with - something she never done since being diagnosed with many joint problems a few years ago. There’s a good CBD for dogs page on FB or try the Simply CBD website.

Doggymummy86 Sun 28-Apr-19 21:24:51

Thank you all so much for your comments on how you are dealing with arthritis... I think I might need to have a little chat with the vet, he’s only been on metacalm for about 2 months on and and off (as stated above he was put on it for a tooth abscess. I’ve had a look online everywhere to see if metacalm and Yumove can be taken together and there’s nothing to say no but I’ll speak to my vet before hand. I want him to be as comfortable as possible, sometimes he looks as if he’s struggling but most of the time he’s still walking fine, running in the fields and jumping up and off the sofa so I don’t know if it’s his mouth that’s niggling and he’s just associating pain with something else ??? As us lurcher mummies know they are the biggest drama queens !!! I just want my fur baby to be as comfortable as possible if it is arthritis.... I’m saying if it is because like I said he’s had problems with his teeth resulting in having one extracted. I dunno if it’s that’s hurting again and he’s just feeling meh like we all would do 🤷‍♀️

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MummaBear2Be2019 Sun 28-Apr-19 22:47:55

@Doggymummy86 The vet recommended the Jointaid for Greyhounds and then i added the CBD Gold as it contains Black Pepper and Turmeric. They have been a godsend, my previous stiff and grumpy 12 year old lurcher has once again become and active happy dog enjoying life and playing with his 7 year old GSD brother

MummaBear2Be2019 Sun 28-Apr-19 22:50:35

@Doggymummy86 Just to add my vet also would not put my dog on metacam for long periods as it can cause organ damage in the long run. He said it is absolutely fine for a little while but would never use it on a repeat prescription. This is the partner vet at the surgery my dogs are registered at, he is also the vet for the local wild animal sanctuary aswell so i have complete faith in him.

Honeyroar Sun 28-Apr-19 22:55:44

My elderly is on Metacam and Yumove. Both have had good results. I've quizzed my vet a few times about long term Metacam use and he said there was very little risk of damage.

MummaBear2Be2019 Sun 28-Apr-19 23:13:37

@Honeyroar It seems all vets say different. All dogs are different though, it is about finding what works for our pups smile

Honeyroar Sun 28-Apr-19 23:23:21

Yes it's difficult, isn't it Mummabear. The same vet is adamant that appoquel is an absolute no no for my little dog that is allergic to grass, yet my equine vet says he'd put her on it without any qualms.

tabulahrasa Sun 28-Apr-19 23:47:26

“I’ve had a look online everywhere to see if metacalm and Yumove can be taken together and there’s nothing to say no”

Yumove isn’t a medicine, it doesn’t interact with any painkillers that I’ve used and I’ve used lots on my last dog, he was on yumove through all of them.

Scattyhattie Mon 29-Apr-19 00:49:39

My old lurcher has cartrophen injections , the results vary between dogs but its relatively inexpensive to try a course (£80) She has gabapentin for pain relief & synoquin supplement from the vet, green lipped mussel,the Riaflex HA looks better so may switch once run out

My lurcher doesn't like water but is quite happy on the water treadmill as she gets treats. On her first session the hydrotherapist had to move her legs but she soon got the hang of it, she'll tolerate going in the pool, but hates the shower. We had to stop her regular treatment for a while and she went downhill, it helps build/maintain muscle as the water supports the limbs can work correctly. My previous oldie also had great results (another water dodging sighthound). Check they're qualified though as anyone can set up a hydrotherapy centre & its possible to cause harm if not done properly.

Physiotherapy treatment has also been beneficial, as the body tends to alter gait or offload weight it often causes sore/tightness elsewhere too i.e my girl gets a sore back. Apart from massage/stretches they've used pulse magnetic therapy & laser therapy. Both of which I've tried on myself & it does work to reduce inflammation & pain.

Its helped pinpoint issues that I've then been able to discuss with my vet & investigate further. Thankfully my vet appreciates it as a specialism & see's the benefits of physio/hydro, some vets may not be as forthcoming recommending it for various reasons. Before any treatment your vet will need to complete a consent form that its suitable & pass on relevant history.

Scattyhattie Mon 29-Apr-19 00:58:19


If you scroll down there's a comparison table between different brands.

Doggymummy86 Mon 29-Apr-19 06:54:58

Thank you so much ladies (or gents) I really appreciate everything you’ve said and I will be looking into each and every suggestion you have made 💕
With regards to metacalm not being dangerous long term - my vet has said it can be & if he stays on it long term then it would need to be regular blood tests urine samples to make sure everything is still the same. I suppose it’s like humans taking anti inflammatories every day it would take some effect onto our organs aswell at some point 🙂

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