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Separation anxiety - need a training programme/book

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Pringle89 Thu 25-Apr-19 15:51:01

I’ve posted about this before but I really need some advice. Pup is 7mths old, crated all
Night and perfectly happy, also crated for an hour or so at doggy daycare when the lady had to pick up other dogs etc and I know he’s quiet as I’ve turned up early before when she’s not back and it’s silent (possibly as he has company of other dogs).

If we leave him at home he barks nonstop, have tried in the crate, run of kitchen, run of house, music, kong etc and makes no difference.

Has anyone had success with a particular book/training programme - I just want a step by step guide to help him.

He is now fine with being left downstairs when I put kids to bed etc (which he wasn’t a few months ago - would also bark then).

I need to hear stories of how you have over come and what you did?? It’s really getting me down now as I feel like I can’t leave him to bark and it’s very restrictive x

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OverFedStanley Thu 25-Apr-19 17:18:55

True separation anxiety can take a while to fix - I would recommend a session with a qualified behaviourist so that you are on the right track to start with - it will give you quicker results in the long run.

It may seem expensive initially but it will be more effective and you will not make things worse or waste time.

BiteyShark Thu 25-Apr-19 17:21:45

I agree with PP about paying for a behaviourist. At this stage if you have tried lots of things with no luck then I would be looking to get outside help as they may spot things that you aren't seeing.

bratzilla Thu 25-Apr-19 17:49:57

I had a behaviourist and her advice was to first desensitise the dog to our going out routine. Eg, putting your shoes on and pick up your keys but don’t actually go out. Then go out for a minute, return, don’t fuss the dog. Build up from there. It’s very repetitive and a slow process. My

Pringle89 Thu 25-Apr-19 19:37:38

Thanks for replies, I will try the gradual approach, how often did you do this, every day?

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