My puppy was neutered last week- does this wound look ok please?

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Eloisedublin123 Tue 23-Apr-19 22:45:18

Thank you so much! smile))

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littlecabbage Tue 23-Apr-19 22:30:31

She looks pretty Jack Russelly to me! I have one too. They are really a "type" rather than a breed, so vary enormously in size. She looks lovely!

Just keep an eye on the wound and reassess in a week. Will probably have gone down a lot by then. Prevent her interfering with it, and book a check up if it starts discharging or gets a lot bigger, or if she seems unwell in herself.

Eloisedublin123 Tue 23-Apr-19 22:11:05

Thanks a million for the reassurance

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Eloisedublin123 Tue 23-Apr-19 22:01:51

Oh and if u have any idea what breed she might be whilst looking pl shout 😂🙈 she’s so small... half the size of a normal JR!

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Stiffasaboard Tue 23-Apr-19 22:01:09

Looks fine
All Wounds raise up a bit with the normal initial swelling.
Fact he is behaving normally is good too

Eloisedublin123 Tue 23-Apr-19 21:59:48

No nothing booked. She’s with the DSPCA- Irish version of RSPCA

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Eloisedublin123 Tue 23-Apr-19 21:59:00

Thank you so much. I’m sitting here a little worried! Thank you. The photos were taken just now as she’s passed out in my daughters bed and I got a fright when I saw it - anyway... The rescue gave her painkillers for three days. So this is her 2nd or 3rd day with nothing....

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littlecabbage Tue 23-Apr-19 21:57:34

I’m a vet - it looks okay. Does she have a post-op check booked?

Veterinari Tue 23-Apr-19 21:56:24

It’s fine - look so like she’s having a bit of a reaction to the sutures (fairly common) and it should settle down with time. Is she on any anti-inflammatories?

Eloisedublin123 Tue 23-Apr-19 21:53:12

Hi there. 7 month old terrier/ jack Russell cross mongrol. Was neutered last Thursday at the rescue place we got her from, so it’s 5 days now. She’s in good form, eating away, having little walks, but is her wound “raised”? Or normal for this stage? It’s not hot to touch. The blood nearby is from her scratching a nipple with her paw/ claw by the way. The wound isn’t oozing or bleeding. We have her cone of shame on all night and supervise her by day. It feels a little “bulging” around and under the wound- like it’s enlarged. It is this ok? Thanks so much! Ps I maybe overreacting but we do love her!

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