Dog paralysed - so upset

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hadenoughofthisrollercoaster Sat 27-Apr-19 14:29:25

Had his first hydrotherapy session yesterday, he wasn't too bothered! Still no movement in back legs, but urine infection has cleared up. We are finding washable belly bands really helpful's such a change for all, but he is happy and healthy. Thanks again for your support, it does help 😀

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Booboostwo Thu 25-Apr-19 22:17:24

I am so sorry to hear about your dog.

Hydrotherapy should help as will the wheelchair that will keep all his other muscles strong. Are you on FB? There are groups for people with disabled dogs who have a lot of advice and helpful ideas.

I had a GSD with degenerative myelopathy and dealt with double incontinence and a wheelchair for a few months. Unfortunately his condition was degenerative and terminal so the day he refused to go in his wheelchair we called it a day.

Hopefully you will start seeing improvement in a few months. I don’t know if it is similar but I had an operation to free my Claudia equina nerve after a herniated disc and recovery has been very long. Nerves take a long time to bounce back, up to two years I was told in my case, and symptoms have been changing all the time as the nerve recovers.

spot102 Thu 25-Apr-19 20:02:01

Similar happened to my last dog, though never fully diagnosed. Became paralysed, no movement below neck originally. Was medically managed (no surgery). After 6 months got back on her feet after micro improving previously. Good luck, it is hard, there is quite a lot of info info on www (mostly from dachshund groups) so do do some googling.
I was told no guarantee she would improve and prognosis poor and possibility of recurrence is quite high. Also permanently on meds. It is heart breaking, particularly in a young dog, but lots of videos around of dogs running around happily in their wheelchairs, so always some hope!

hadenoughofthisrollercoaster Sat 20-Apr-19 20:18:56

Thanks so much for the lovely comments - some days are harder than others.
He had a Supervet type operation costing in excess of £7,000 (fortunately insured up to £5,000); the diagnosis was IVDD, disc disease and Supervet has done this type of operation on his programme. He's a rescue from Cyprus and is quite short-legged with a long body, think short-legged golden retriever/lab around 13kg. He is now doubly incontinent too which has taken a bit to get used to. Hoping he can start hydrotherapy soon, we just want to give him the best chance, he's so happy in himself smile

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NicoAndTheNiners Sat 20-Apr-19 20:01:42

Can you go and see the super vet? Is it a bone problem or unexplained?

BiteyShark Sat 20-Apr-19 19:58:14

I have no experience of this but just wanted to say that's sounds horribly sad for all of you thanks.

Do they know what caused it and is there still a chance he will get some sensation back?

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 20-Apr-19 19:56:55

How upsetting for you all sad

I've got no personal experience, but I know this group helps paralysed dachshunds, and may be able to point you in the right direction for help with your breed

Do you have a specific diagnosis?


StormcloakNord Sat 20-Apr-19 19:55:55

I have no experience of this I'm sorry, I just wanted to say how much of an amazing dog owner you sound. Giving up your job to care for the dog, while not ideal for you, is honestly incredible.

Poor pup might not have use of his back legs but he is an incredibly lucky boy to have you. flowers

hadenoughofthisrollercoaster Sat 20-Apr-19 19:49:21

Five weeks ago our beautiful 3 year old crossbreed rescue dog became poorly; following a night with the out of hours vets, the vet rang to say we could collect him at around 4pm the same day, he was eating/drinking seemed fine. Within a few hours the Vet called to say our boy had become paralysed in his back legs. My husband collected him and took him to a specialist vets a couple of hours away (our vet referred us). He had an MRI and we were asked about surgery the following day to which we agreed, there is no guarantee that surgery will fix the paralysis. Unfortunately, 5 weeks later, our boy still has no use of his back legs. I have given up my job to care for him and he is getting round the clock care from our family. We are doing everything possible to keep him well and he has a doggy 'wheelchair' and a buggy. It's just a very sad situation which I sometimes feel very upset about. Anyone else have similar experience?

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