Older dog eating issues

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Doggymummy86 Fri 19-Apr-19 08:53:55

Before he went for a scale and polish he had a full set of bloods done and nothings come back from that, because he’s a rescue we don’t know his age so we’re averaging on 14/15. The vets had to know if his organs were okay for the operation which they were. Like I said he was back to eating perfectly just yesterday and today he’s being really really picky 🤨 He is on metacalm for possible arthritis and the vets have asked that we try and reduce the dosage which we did maybe 3 days ago so I’m not sure if the dosage is too low - he was on 35 for 7 days and this week he’s been on 25. I wish he could talk so he could tell us ... we seem to sort one problem then get hit with another 🤔

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OverFedStanley Fri 19-Apr-19 08:44:43

Unfortunately only a vet can tell - if he stopped eating due to illness pain then I guess that is a good indicator. Typical to happen on a bank holiday weekend!

Would it be worth trying softer wet food but again with caution as this could cause upset tum

Doggymummy86 Fri 19-Apr-19 08:05:35

Hey ladies & gents,
I’m having a little issue with my rescue lurcher. I’ve had him for 6 years always been great with his food (biscuits and wet food with water) but the last 6 or so weeks he’s been really fussy, it turned out he had to have a tooth removed and he had an abscess which we treated at the vet etc. He went through a scale and polish & tooth extraction around 3 weeks ago which I fed him soft foods as instructed by the vet then introduce his normal feed, all seemed to be going okay until the last 2 days where he is eating the majority of his biscuits but always leaving some. This is very unusual as he loves his food, I’ve tried to mix it up for him more meat than biscuits, chicken stock but he still leaves some.
Lurchers are known for being “drama queens” so I don’t want another vet bill just incase he’s being awkward ?????
Any advise would be great 🐶

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