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Puppy biting

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Buddytheelf85 Mon 15-Apr-19 21:52:04

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone has any advice on puppy biting. We have a Lab puppy who’s going on 15 weeks. He’s very sweet and affectionate a lot of the time, and he’s very intelligent, but he’s biting us more and more often (and harder and harder!)

We are taking him to puppy classes, and the trainer advised us to yelp in pain and turn away/leave the room. We’ve been trying to do that, but it really doesn’t seem to have much effect - plus ignoring him is easier said that done - if we’re out on walks he’ll jump and bite the backs of our legs and coats.

We also have a dog walker (who’s also a trainer) who advised us not to bother with the yelping/ignoring thing and just to distract him with toys whenever he bites (the idea being just to transfer his instincts into something appropriate).

The puppy trainer said we need to get on top of it soon or he won’t learn. Our dog walker said not to worry about it too much - it’s very natural behaviour and it will subside with time.

I’m feeling a bit confused at the differing advice and wondered what approach had worked for other people. Advice gratefully received!

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Whitechocandraspberry Mon 15-Apr-19 21:59:42

My first lab was a bloody nightmare. I yelped. I ignored. I turned my back on him. Different dogs respond to different methods. Eventually he grew out of it!!! Number 2 and 3 learned a lot quicker cos number 1 told them off on no uncertain terms. I didn’t find them half as bad. They’re all still pretty mouthy but so so soft. When they are puppies it’s bloody sharp and bloody sore. The breeder said never allow teeth on your skin but my dogs will sometimes take my hand into their mouths if im lying on the couch but it is so gentle it’s like a wee nudge. Only number one has ever broken skin and that was as a pup. That was not mine. A relative
Was playing tug game. I wouldn’t play tug of war either because I didn’t want to encourage strength in jaws. My eldest caught a bird in the garden a few years ago. Must have already had a broken wing. He carried it around the garden. Crow played dead and kept pecking him on nose every so often. Very very mouthy and may get worse before it gets better but it will get better

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